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About Hanwha

Hanwha Energy Australia is an Australian energy technology company, dedicated to making renewable energy more affordable and more accessible for people, communities, and businesses all over the globe.

Hanwha Energy Australia - Founded in 2018

Hanwha Energy Australia is committed to developing the technology and renewable assets required to accelerate the transition to net zero carbon emissions, while simultaneously supporting biodiversity, protecting the future capabilities of agricultural production, and enhancing and empowering local communities.

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Our values

Our Culture

We’re a dynamic, ambitious and respectful team who thrives on collaboration. Passionate about the energy industry, our diverse team work hard, think outside the box, and are all focused on delivering clean energy solutions for Australians.

Career Advancement

We’re committed to investing in your career advancement and we take personal interest in our employee's career goals. We provide opportunities for you to grow and thrive, in a fun and energetic environment.

Inclusive Teamwork

As a valued member of the team, your opinions matter. We have a very open, inclusive, and dynamic working environment. With an open-plan office layout, our leadership teams are approachable and willing to help you.

Solar and other renewable energies are the key to sustainable growth. At Hanwha, we’re positioned to drive the next wave of innovation in the global solar industry.

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Stay informed and engaged with a diverse range of topics breaking news, technology, energy and much more. Join us on this exciting journey and witness the transformative power of Hanwha and Nectr unfold before your eyes.

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Through our subsidiary Hanwha Energy Retail Australia, which trades as Nectr, we offer domestic solar and battery power, and an excellent mix of energy plans to residential, business, and large-scale customers, to make renewable energy affordable for everyday Australians.

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