Share the energy

We see a future where people can use technology to take back control of their energy needs, a future where you decide how and when you buy and sell energy. We believe every Australian has the right to choose affordable green energy. It’s time for a change and together we can make a difference. Share the energy. Naturally Nectr!

Our investment in renewable energy

We know that Aussies are a socially conscious bunch and want to do best by the environment, and this is important to us too.

Climate change is a global issue and needs a global solution.

Nectr was born in Australia and is backed by a global leader in renewable energy. We are part of Hanwha Energy – a global energy solutions provider that specialises in renewable energy such as solar power and battery storage technologies.

Nectr Sunset on Solar

Nectr is serious about renewable energy.

Our owner Hanwha Energy Australia, has already co-invested in two operating solar farms in Queensland and Victoria and are in the advanced stages of constructing a further two solar farms in New South Wales that will produce enough energy to supply 50,000 homes.

Nectr Solar Family

The best solar technology offering for our customers.

In mid to late 2020 Nectr plans on launching a new solar experience that we are super excited about. We intend that you will eventually even be able to share the energy you harvest with your neighbours through our planned Virtual Power Program (VPP) offering.

What is happening right now at Nectr?

We are on the start of our journey and are building an energy ecosystem that focuses on solving real energy problems. Our aim is to provide you with the right advice on the best energy solutions for your home with benefits such as:

  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Local customer support teams
  • Simple to use customer tools to manage your energy needs
  • Ensuring we offer genuinely competitively priced green plans

What is our vision at Nectr?

The world we live in is complex and interconnected – a delicate and beautiful ecosystem where life is connected through the engine of the sun.

nectr kids on a swing

Nectr is at the start of what we believe is an exciting journey towards delivering sustainable and clever green energy solutions to Australians. In fact, we see a future where Australia is the world’s leader in renewable energy technologies and where every household and business can access clean, affordable energy harvested from the wind, sun and hydro sources – then stored to be used when you need it most.

But when it comes to energy in Australia there’s still so much to be done to enhance the customer experience. Australians are demanding smarter, cheaper, greener power.