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Concessions, rebates, and grants

The Commonwealth and State Governments provide support for residential electricity customers, to help them manage their energy consumption. Each concession has different eligibility criteria and, in some cases, you may be eligible for multiple concessions.

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Complaints handling policy

We aim to provide excellent customer service. The success of our business depends on our customers having a positive experience.

We welcome complaints, as we see them as an opportunity to learn and improve. If you do lodge a complaint, you can expect a quick and comprehensive response.

To download and lodge a complaint form, or to learn more about our Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure, please visit this link: Nectr Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure

Payment and billing options

For all market retail plans, Nectr bills monthly and provides paperless bills to help you better manage your payments and keep track of your bills.

Our two billing and payment options are:

  • Monthly direct debit
  • Monthly recurring credit/debit card
Hardship policy

In our Hardship Policy, we explain what help is available to you as a Nectr customer and how you can access it should you experience financial difficulties.

If you find you are struggling to meet your energy payment obligations or wish to discuss the forms of assistance that may be available to you, please contact us as soon as possible by:

If you need an interpreter, please call the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) on 131 450.

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, please call the National Relay Service on 133 677.

Nectr’s Hardship Policy
Nectr’s Victorian Hardship Policy

Family Violence policy

Our Family Violence Policy outlines our commitment to supporting customers who have been affected by family violence.

If there is an immediate threat to your safety, please call 000.

For additional specialised assistance, we encourage you to reach out to the below support services.

A national family violence and sexual assault counselling service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 1800 737 732
Website: https://1800respect.org.au/

Provides personal crisis support services to all, including to those affected by family violence.
Phone: 13 11 14
Website: https://www.lifeline.org.au/

MensLine Australia
A national telephone and online support, information and referral service for men with family and relationship difficulties.
Phone: 1300 789 978
Website: mensline.org.au

Provides anonymous support and referrals for LGBTI+ people who may be experiencing family and domestic violence.
Phone: 1800 184 527
Website: https://qlife.org.au/

Relationships Australia
Offers support groups and counselling on relationships, and for abused and abusive partners.
Phone: 1300 364 277
Website: www.relationships.com.au

A national crisis support line run by Lifeline-trained Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporters, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Phone: 13 92 76
Website: https://www.13yarn.org.au/

Nectr’s Family Violence Policy (pdf)

Connection assistance

There are several situations where a new meter may need to be installed on your property.

Find out more

Self-meter reads

You can enter your own meter reads to provide even more confidence in what you are being billed. This is only applicable to customers not on smart meters.

Learn how to submit a self meter read

Guaranteed Service Levels in the ACT

Customers in the ACT must receive services at a guaranteed level and this is governed by the Consumer Protection Code. If we fail to meet a guaranteed service level, you could be entitled to a rebate, which we will provide to you on your bill. You won’t need to request the rebate.

Customers have the right to request information about their account and the services we provide. You also have the right to complain to us directly by contacting us. If, after following our complaints procedure, you are not satisfied with the resolution you can escalate your complaint to ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal by completing this form. This is summarised in the Customer Charter and your Market Retail Contract and our Complaints Handling Policy. Translating and Interpreting Services are available to you for free at 131 450. You may request a non-english or large-print version of this summary.

Nectr has the right to payment for services provided to our customers. Nectr has the right to disconnect or restrict supply to a customer’s premise for non-payment of a bill, in accordance with the relevant laws. Per your agreement with us and in accordance with relevant laws, Nectr and our representatives have the right to access and replace your electricity meter, which may require entering the property to do so.

Data Breach notification

Nectr has processes and procedures in place to investigate any data breach involving personal information. We will notify you of a data breach where we are required to do so under local legislation or as is otherwise appropriate in the circumstances. We are committed to protecting our customers, where notification is required, we will do so promptly and in accordance with the time period for notification provided for under local legislation. For example within 72 hours in jurisdictions governed by the General Data Protection Regulation.

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Life support

Someone needs life support at my premises, what should I do?

If you or a person at your premises requires life support it is very important that you let us know. Please contact us using the details below. We will then send you information and a medical confirmation form.

What is a medical confirmation form?

A medical confirmation form is used to register a premise that needs life support equipment.

By completing this form and sending it back to us, we will have all the information we require. If you fail to respond to this request, we may deregister the premises and the additional protections against disconnection will cease to apply.

You have 51 business days to reply to our request for a medical confirmation form. You are entitled to additional time and if you require addition time to respond, please contact us.

Can electricity still be disconnected if my premises are registered as needing life support?

Yes, however where the disconnection is planned, we or your distributor will give you notice in accordance with the rules.
Your electricity supply may also be disconnected in an emergency or where there is a fault in the electricity network. You will not have any prior notice of such disconnections.

If you would like further assistance in planning for electricity supply interruptions please contact us.

What should we do if our electricity is disconnected and we need life support?

Firstly, if there is a risk of injury or death you should call 000. If your electricity is disconnected without notice you can also contact your distributor- their contact details will be provided by us.

What are our obligations in relation to life support?

You should ensure that we are kept up to date on the need for life support at your premises. You should contact us if there is no longer a need for life support at the premises or if you are planning to move.

What is life support equipment?

Life support equipment means the following:

  • an oxygen concentrator,
  • an intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine,
  • a kidney dialysis machine,
  • a chronic positive airways pressure respirator,
  • Crigler-Najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment,
  • a ventilator for life support, and
  • in relation to a particular customer—any other equipment that a registered medical practitioner certifies is required for a person residing at the customer’s premises for life support.
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