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Remote Services for Smart Meters in NSW

What is a Smart or Interval meter?

A smart meter (also known as a digital meter) digitally measures your energy use. A smart meter measures when and how much electricity is used at your premises. It then sends this information back to your energy retailer remotely, without your meter being manually read by a meter reader.

A smart meter located in NSW allows remote capability in terms of reconnection and disconnection for your property if eligible.

For further information on smart meters, please go to https://www.energy.nsw.gov.au/households/guides-and-helpful-advice/being-more-energy-efficient/measuring-your-usage/using-smart

Reconnecting your electricity remotely

When you request to have a reconnection performed at your property, Nectr will need to confirm the safety and eligibility for this to be done remotely. Depending on your circumstance, this can be done via online form, phone call or email. Some of the questions that may be asked are:

  • Do you know where the meter box or switchboard is?
  • Has your property been de-energised for 6 months or longer?
  • Has there been, or is there going to be any electrical work being done on the property before the reconnection of the electricity?
  • Can you please confirm that there is no exposed wiring at the property?
  • Is the mains switch turned off and are all electrical appliances switched off at the wall?

If your reconnection is organised more than 48 hours in advance, Nectr will contact you on the date of reconnection to confirm that no changes have taken place since you answered our initial questions.


Remote Reconnection if a Safety Inspection Certificate is required.

If your property has been disconnected from the electricity supply for 6 months or more, Nectr will be unable to arrange a reconnection until a safety inspection has been completed.

An electrical installation safety inspection is required by a qualified electrician to ensure, as far as practically possible, the electrical installation is safe to re-energise.

You must arrange for this inspection at you own cost.

After the safety inspection has been conducted, an Electrical Installation Safety Inspection Certificate (remote re-energisation safety statement), must be completed by the electrician and provided to you. The certificate details the check and test to be completed.

Please Note that the safety statement must be completed and signed by a registered electrician no more than 5 business days before the requested energisation date.

You must then send a scanned or electronically signed copy of the completed certificate to Nectr at hello@nectr.com.au

This must be sent to Nectr no later than 1 business day before your requested date of connection.


Remote Reconnection of your property if a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work required

If your property has had building or electrical work undertaken, Nectr is unable to arrange a reconnection until a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW) is completed.

Electricians must submit a Certificate of Compliance for electrical work (CCEW) under the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 and Gas and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2018.

A completed CCEW must be submitted within seven days of completing any safety and compliance test, on an electrical installation. The electrician must provide a copy to NSW Fair Trading, their customer and the distributor.

Under NSW safety regulations, Nectr cannot arrange for the re-energisation of the meter, without providing a copy of the completed CCEW. You must send a scanned or electronic copy of the completed CCEW to Nectr at hello@nectr.com.au. This must be sent to Nectr no later than 1 business day before your requested date of connection.

Further information regarding NSW Electrical Inspection Requirements can be found at https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/trades-and-businesses/construction-and-trade-essentials/electricians/electrical-compliance-requirements


Disconnecting your electricity remotely

If there is a smart meter at your property, Nectr can arrange to disconnect your electricity remotely for you.

Prior to remote disconnection, Nectr will request assurances from you that your property is eligible for remote services. The questions that may be asked are:

  • Are there lifts or exit doors or gates that might be affected if we disconnect the electricity?
  • Are there any other dangers or hazards you are aware of, if we disconnect the electricity?
  • Is there any life support or medically required equipment located at the property?
  • Will any electrical work be done (started or finished) between now and the disconnection

Remote disconnections will be arranged with a move-out request. If you require power past the date of moveout, please inform us accordingly.


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