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Australians deserve an energy offering that looks toward the future yet delivers the perfect solution for today’s energy users.

The future of Electronic Vehicles (EV’s) in Australia

Humans have come a long way since the invention of the wheel and horse-drawn carriages. We birthed the industrial age, created combustible…

Summer Savings Promotion Woman

Summer savings for your solar battery!

A good old snag on the barbie isn’t the only thing that Nectr will be sizzling up this summer. If you’re an existing solar owner…

Summer bedroom feature image

Keep your bedroom cool this summer

Hot humid air, sticky bedsheets and a brood of Cicadas trying to lull us to sleep often signals the start of Summer..

Going “off the grid” with solar

When you hear the term “going off the grid,” it makes you think about people quitting their busy jobs, packing up their belongings..

Solar FiT

Why are Solar Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) declining?

Many homeowners might be scratching their heads at some of the changes occurring right now in the energy industry. If you’ve already…

Nectr Mozo Experts Choice Awards blog

Nectr takes out four MOZO Experts Choice Awards in 2021

We are proud to have received four Mozo Expert Choice Awards from financial comparison site Mozo this year

Nectr VPP Blog

Why should customers participate in VPPs?

Part Two of this series provides an insight into the benefits to energy customers for participating in VPP programs ..

Virtual power network australia

What exactly is a Virtual Power Plant?

As the pace of technological disruption continues its meteoric rise, industries like energy are redefining their traditional business models..

the future is bright

The Future is Bright with Solar!

Have you jumped on the solar bandwagon yet? We know that Australia has the highest take up of residential solar installation globally..

energy storage blog

Saving money with home solar battery, what you need to know

If you haven’t already got solar panels on your home, you should be considering it. More than just saving you money, solar energy is also a..

friend refer nectr

More reasons for Nectr customers to refer a friend

We are celebrating the start of Spring with an extra boost to our Nectr customer Refer a Friend program.During September, Nectr Customers…

Investments in Solar Farm

Our investments in solar farms

Nectr’s parent company, Hanwha Energy Australia is in the process of developing two solar farms as part of our focus on a sustainable planet.

smart home blog

Six ways to make your home ‘smarter’

There is no doubt that smart tech has taken the world by storm over the last few years. These products have managed to penetrate every…

Nectr’s Solar Home Preparation Checklist - blog

Nectr’s Solar Home Preparation Checklist

Our 7-point checklist focuses on some of the more pressing matters that are sometimes oversights. Whether you’ve done your research..

Sustainable Cooking - Nectr

Sustainable Cooking at Home: Spring Edition

Spring has sprung, and with that, a new season of locally available foods! Life has changed for all of us over the last 18 months, but it..

free energy comp

How to WIN free electricity for a year

Here we are again, stuck in another tough period with our lives continuously compromised due to Covid. Again we…

carbon neutral blog

100% carbon neutral certified products

Our Nectr Clean plan and Nectr Solar Clean plans are 100% carbon neutral – which means we have reduced our carbon emission..

nectr winter time keep warm

Energy saving hacks to keep your home warm

According to, 40% of an average household’s winter bill is spent on keeping the home warm. Use these 3 energy saving hacks to take control of your energy usage…

energy bill

How much should my electricity bill be?

When you look at your energy bill each month or quarter, do you know whether you are spending too much, an average amount or being downright frugal and keeping…

Celebrating World Environment Day 2021

Celebrating World Environment Day 2021

It’s World Environment Day – a day where taking some time to understand its message is important. As an energy business…

world environment day 2021

What can we do to help this World Environment Day

At Nectr we hope through sharing information and initiatives about World Environment Day, we will inspire everyone…

nectr kid camping

How to help your kids be more energy conscious

At Nectr we are passionate about the environment and energy conservation. We believe it needs to be

Creating an energy saving checklist for your children

Teaching your children to be more energy conscious around the house is about demonstrating actions that make a difference.

world bee day at nectr

Get buzzing for World Bee Day with Nectr!

Here at Nectr, we’re focused on promoting sustainability and sharing initiatives that help our environment. That is why we are proud to raise awareness in Australia about World Bee Day on 20 May.

self meter read blog

Submitting a Self Meter Read!

Have you noticed that you have an estimated read on your most recent energy bill? If that’s the case, you are likely to have a…

earthday 2021

Why we celebrate Earth Day and tips to get involved

Get involved in Earth Day! At Nectr we believe Earth Day is about taking time to consider the planet and our role in tackling issues such as..

Top 5 Sustainability living tips for the home!

Sustainable living is about making conscious choices to reduce our impact on the environment. To create a sustainable home…

solar benefit blog

How adding solar and battery systems can benefit you and your home!

Australia is in the midst of a rooftop revolution, with more than 21% of homes now with rooftop solar


Sustainable Gift Guide

Have you ever considered the environmental impact that gifts have on the world? Our Sustainable Gift Guide will help you minimize your impact

Nectr electrical safety

Nectr’s electrical safety tips!

Electricity is part of our everyday lives, powering our appliances and not giving it much thought, so it is easy to forget the dangers of electricity if used incorrectly.

Ultimate Carbon Footprint Giveaway

The Ultimate Carbon Footprint Giveaway – Winners

As a Nectr customer, you’ll automatically be entered in the Ultimate Carbon Footprint Giveaway!

Making the Switch for Nature this Earth Hour!

If you are new to the whole concept of Earth Hour, don’t worry, it is never too late to participate. Earth Hour is a…

How South Australia Became The ‘Renewable Energy State’

For a state that used to be reliant on other states for their energy supply, they sure have the rest of the country ‘green’ with envy now.

How to avoid water wastage in your home

Water… it’s an absolute necessity for our everyday lives. It is impossible to survive without water; however, it is a part of our life that at some..

blog birthday

Nectr’s First Anniversary

A first-year milestone is an exciting achievement, and we are thrilled to be celebrating our 1st anniversary. Founded in late 2019 and officially launching…

energy usage and bill

How to cut down your energy usage and bill!

If you are like us at Nectr, and you care about your environmental footprint while also saving money on your energy bill, then keep on reading, this is made just for you!


What do you know about Carbon Offsetting?

There is no way around it, climate change is happening and although it feels like a daunting problem to tackle…

Tips to keep your house cool on a hot day

With Summer’s temperatures often spiking to uncomfortable highs, it can be tricky to stay cool and not blow out your electricity bill.

Giving power to the people

We are on the verge of an energy power play – and the main contenders are not who you think they are.

best solar feed in tariff

What’s the best solar feed in tariff

As a householder with solar panels, you probably already know that using as much of your own solar generation as possible…

Four ways to own your home solar panels

Four ways to own your home solar panels

Begin your search for home solar. Learn which solar system is right for your property, which installer/supplier is best, which retailer has the best plan, timing and budget.


Nectr Smart home living blog

It’s never been easier to plug in and start saving money on your energy bills with smart home living. Home owners and renters alike are adopting smart devices at home…


What is the cost of running aircon?

This Summer, more of us will be spending time in our houses either working or socialising, so as the temperature begins to rise, you may be thinking about the cost of running aircon.

conversation over coffee

Five ways to sound like a green energy expert

We’ve all been there. You know, when the conversation goes from who’s in the…

save electricity at home

Isn’t it about time you joined the ‘green team’?

In the first few months of 2020, we’ve endured bushfires, floods and a global health pandemic, and the one common factor between the three is the way Mother Nature has rejuvenated itself through each event.


3 easy tips to save electricity in the kitchen

Channel 9’s research shows that more and more of us are choosing to stay in and cook up a storm at home. This rang true for some of us here at Nectr, so we…

save energy cover

How to save energy at home

Ah, life admin. You know, things like paying and reviewing the bills. It’s not the first thing we rush to do on a weekend, or even during the week. But it’s got to be done.

homeoffice nectr energy

3 tips to create a perfect home office

Are you working from home like the rest of the world? If so, this might mean spending more time in front of your laptop, working from your kitchen table or in a makeshift office

nectr earth hour - small

5 fun ways to spend Earth Hour

In these challenging times it’s still important to inject a sense of mystery and excitement into your life. And what better time to do so than during Earth Hour.

nectr energy covid 19

COVID 19 Update for customers

We understand that COVID-19 is having an impact on so many within our community.

Bill payment

How to read your electricity bill

Does it feel like you need to be a mathematician to understand your electricity bill?

How can I increase energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is a topic that’s been gaining traction in recent years. With increasing concerns about climate change, alongside…

What is a “time of use” tariff?

If you are familiar with your electricity bill, you may have noticed that your plan includes peak, shoulder and  off peak rates.

3 step guide to creating an eco-friendly home

With the recent environmental changes across Australia, and the world, being eco-friendly has never been more important.