Do you want to make a positive climate impact? Go carbon neutral!

Do you want to make a positive climate impact? Go carbon neutral!

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We are proud to say Nectr offers 100% carbon neutral certified products

Our standard plans are 100% carbon neutral – which means we have reduced our carbon emissions as much as possible, and then invested in projects that reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere.

What does it mean to be certified?

We have now achieved Climate Active certification for our standard plans and these plans are now 100% carbon neutral (no longer only 100% carbon offset) as standard. A carbon neutral certification by the Australian Commonwealth Government is awarded to businesses and organisations that have credibly reached a state of achieving net zero emissions, otherwise known as carbon neutrality. This means that the activities associated with running a business or producing a particular product (as in our case) have no net negative impact on the climate.

Did you know, one of the most affordable ways to reduce your carbon emissions is to purchase carbon neutral certified products. We are providing consumers with an easy way to take climate action, by switching to one of Nectr’s 100% carbon neutral plans, you will reduce your impact on the environment.

100% Carbon Neutral

nectr online energy plan

Competitively priced electricity plan – 100% carbon neutral as standard. Perfect for customers wanting to make a difference at a great price.

Solar Feed-in Tariff

nectr solar online energy plan

Best all-rounder electricity plan for households with solar PV systems of 10kW or less. Includes 100% carbon neutral as standard.

Carbon Neutral – What does it mean?

A lot of us don’t actually understand what it means to be 100% carbon neutral, but Don’t worry we are here to help! Some companies are carbon neutral and others like Nectr offer products that are 100% carbon neutral. It means the greenhouse gas emissions associated with an activity like generating power are reduced or offset to a total of zero. For a product to be considered 100% carbon neutral, action must be taken to reduce and offset the emissions associated with supplying it to you!

100% carbon neutral energy

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Nectr projects already making a difference – what are we doing?

Nectr is serious about renewable energy and our support of carbon neutral project and we are investing towards a better tomorrow with the following projects :

Wind Power Project in Gujarat, India

This project involves the establishment of a wind farm of 150 MW installed capacity enabling generation of electricity by state-of-art 1.5 MW capacity Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) in the state of Gujarat. The proposed project activity leads to alleviation of poverty by establishing direct and indirect employment benefits accruing out of infrastructure development of wind farms, installation work, operation and management of wind farm, providing daily needs, etc.

Hydropower Project in Himachal Pradesh, India

This project is a run-of-the-river hydro-electric power plant with an installed capacity of 300 MW and the activity brings considerable investment in the region and helps in overall development of the region.

Orana Park, Victoria

A 4,580ha farm north-west of Bendigo, Victoria owned by the regenerative agriculture fund, Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund. As well as a conduit to a 50km landscape scale corridor with neighbouring properties and the Mt Korong Conservation Reserve, Orana Park serves as the exemplar practice of integrated regenerative farming, threatened species recovery and multi-scaled terrestrial and aquatic bio-links. Ongoing work at Orana Park sees the restoration of the full 33km of riparian vegetation along the Loddon River as well as the establishment of a 200ha Open Grassy Woodland predator-proof sanctuary which will incubate and re-establish critically endangered species; this includes the first Eastern Bettong breading and re-introduction program in Victoria. Orana Park is also home to Australia’s largest soil-carbon project with 300,000t committed to the Australian Government’s ERF.

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