Submitting a
Self Meter Read

Submitting a Self Meter Read

Knowing how to submit your own electricity meter read can improve the accuracy of your energy bill. This is important for customers who see an estimated meter read on their energy bills as it means they are likely to have a basic/flat meter or interval meter at their property. (Please note, Smart meters provide accurate electricity usage for each bill).

Did you know that the local energy network distributor  manually reads these meter types every 3 months? Once validated, this read is then sent to your electricity retailer to use in generating your bill. This means that some energy bills (particularly if you are billed monthly) will include an ‘estimated’ read and/or an ‘actual’ read in the usage summary.

When a retailer such as Nectr receives the meter reading for your property from the Distributor, they will adjust your bill amount to take into consideration the last estimated read and the actual meter read that has been received. Your energy bill will likely contain an actual read and for the remaining period for your bill, estimated usage.

As a customer you will see this reflected in two ways. Firstly, if your estimated usage (and associated charge) was higher than what your actual electricity consumption was in the billing period, you will be given a credit on your next bill for the overcharge. Conversely, if you were undercharged due to using more energy than estimated, Retailers will need to debit you this figure on your next bill. Depending on the amount over or under, you may also receive the credit on your account within 7 days.

In some cases, you may think the estimate is higher (or lower) than previous bills, especially if you’re new to the Energy Retailer. If you are unsure of the accuracy of your estimated bill total, you can do a meter read to keep track. Many Retailers including Nectr, will allow you to submit a self meter read before the due date of your next bill. They will review your reading and if your estimated electricity usage is higher than your actual electricity consumption, the difference will be adjusted in your next bill (depending on the date the self meter read was submitted). Conversely, if your self meter read shows you’ve consumed more electricity than the estimated reading, you may see this added to the next bill.

How to submit a self-meter read via our app

1.) Login via your details

Login to the Nectr app with your email and password. At the bottom of the screen there is a tab labelled “usage.” Click this to see your current bill estimate.

(If you wish, you may also call us on 1300 111 211 and tell us over the phone your meter read, name, address and the date that you had recorded your meter read.)

2.) Click on bill projection

Under your bill estimate there is a bar that’s labelled “bill projection”, click on this to view your current monthly projection. Under the monthly projection, you will see a tab that says “Enter meter read.” Click this to enter the meter read portal.

3.) Enter your meter read

From here, you can enter your meters data, or upload a photo of your meter reading. Please note that your meter may include other registers such as Controlled Load or even show other meters at your property (such as a separate meter for a granny flat).

4.) Finalise & Submit

Once this is finalised, your meter read will be submitted and your new monthly projection will be estimated.

If you are having trouble downloading your app and creating an account, you can click our helpful FAQ here:

Why your read may be been rejected?

There are occasions where your meter reading will not be accepted. This could be due to the following reasons:

  • The photo doesn’t clearly show the display
  • The meter in your photograph does not appear to be the meter in your home
  • We believe that the meter has been tampered with based on the reading submitted
  • Your read has been submitted after the due date for the payment of your bill

What to do if your meter read is rejected

If you have submitted a meter read that didn’t meet the above requirements, you will be informed of the reason for the rejection via email.

However, if you are unhappy with the outcome, you have the right to make a complaint to us in, which we will consider in line with our customer complaints and dispute resolution policy. You can also request that we review your bill or make a complaint or lodge a dispute with the Energy and Water Ombudsman in your state.

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