Submitting a
Self Meter Read!

Submitting a Self Meter Read!

Have you noticed that you have an estimated read on your most recent energy bill? If that’s the case, you are likely to have a basic/flat meter or interval meter at your property. (Please note, Smart meters provide accurate electricity usage for each bill).

The Distributor generally reads these meters manually, every 3 months (although they are only required to take on actual meter read per year). Once validated, the read is sent to your electricity retailer to use to generate your bill. This means that some bills (particularly if you are billed monthly) will include an ‘estimated’ read and/or an ‘actual’ read in the usage summary.

When a retailer such as Nectr receives a meter reading for your property, they will add an adjustment on your bill based on the last estimated reading and the meter reading that has been received. The remaining period for your bill will be based on estimated usage. This means if your estimated bills were higher than what your actual electricity consumption was in the billing period, you will be given a credit on your next bill for the overcharge. Conversely, if you were undercharged, Retailers will need to debit you this figure on your next bill. Depending on the amount over or under, you may also receive the credit on your account within 7 days.

In some cases, you may think the estimate is higher (or lower) than previous bills, especially if you are new to the Energy Retailer. If you are unsure of your estimated bill total, you can do a meter read yourself to keep track. Retailers will also allow you to submit a meter read before the due date of your next bill. They will review and if your estimated electricity usage was higher than your actual electricity consumption, the difference will be adjusted in your next bill (depending on the date the self meter read was submitted). Conversely, if your self meter reading showed you have consumed more electricity than the estimated reading, you may see this added to the next bill.

self meter read

How to submit a self-meter read (3 steps) !

Your bills are based on the data collected from your meter, supplied to us from the Energy Network Distributor in your area. It is important, when looking to submit a self meter read that you know the meter you have, as different meters display information in different ways. If you have an basic/ accumulation meter, you may conduct your own self meter read. However, if you have a manually read interval meter you cannot submit a self meter read as the Network Distributor will need to perform the read. Smart meter customers do not need to submit a self meter read.

1) Reading your electricity meter

Before you conduct a self-meter read, ensure that your meter does not pose any threat, such as exposed wires or damage to the meter box itself. Be aware of any potential hazards and don’t proceed if there is any visible damage.

There are two types of meters that you may need to read: 

  1. Clock face display meter
    There could be four to six dials alternating in directions on this type of meter. To read this meter you must look at the numbers shown on each dial reading from left to right. If the hand on the dial is between two numbers, read the lower number and if the pointer is directly over a number, take this number. Do not take the reading of the last dial on the right for this meter.
Guidance on taking a self meter read
  1. Digital display meters
    This looks similar to the odometer of your car. In order to read this type of meter, check the number indicated on the digital display that show kw/h. This is the total number of kilowatt hours consumed at that point in time.

2) Submitting a ‘Customer Read Estimate’ 

In order for you to submit your own customer read estimate, we need to receive your meter read before the due date of your bill. To submit a read you can either take a photo of the meter display and send it to us at . In this email, the meter needs to be clearly displayed and you must include your name, address and the date you took the photo that is attached to your email.

If you wish, you may also call us on 1300 111 211 and tell us over the phone your meter read, name, address and the date that you had recorded your meter read.

self meter read - confusion

3) Accepted reads 

If you have successfully met all the requirements, Nectr will promptly provide you with an adjusted bill based on your Customer Read Estimate.

Why your read may have been rejected?

If your meter reading was not accepted, it could be due to the following reasons:

  • The photo is not clearly showing the display
  • The meter in your photograph is not actually the meter in your home
  • The meter has been tampered with to give that particular reading
  • We have received it after the due date for the payment of your bill

What to do if your meter read is rejected

If you have submitted a meter read that didn’t meet the above requirements, you will be informed of the reason for the rejection via email.

However, if you are unhappy with the outcome, you have the right to make a complaint to us in, which we will consider in line with our customer complaints and dispute resolution policy. You can also request that we review your bill or make a complaint or lodge a dispute with the Energy and Water Ombudsman in your state.

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