Connection Assistance and Self-Meter Reads

Timeframes for metering installation

There are several situations where a new meter may need to be installed on your property. The timeframes for installation depend on a number of factors:

  • If your Premises is not connected to a distribution system to allow the flow of electricity, for example, if your Premises is a new build (a new connection)
  • If you request a meter to be installed at your Premises, for example, where you wish to update to one of our plans that requires installation of a new meter, and there is no new connection or connection alteration required (existing connection)
  • If you request a meter to be installed at your Premises, for example, where you wish to update to one of our plans that requires installation of a new meter, and a connection alteration is required (connection alteration).

Guidance around submitting self-meter reads

As a customer on an accumulation meter you may receive bills every few months that show an estimation of your energy usage rather than an actual read. Sometimes, under the terms and conditions of your customer retail contract, we will estimate your bill. We do this, for example, when we have been unable to access your meter.

In this scenario, you may ask us to change your bill based on your own reading of your meter. This reading is called a ‘Customer Read Estimate’ and sometimes referred to as a ‘Self Read’

You will only be able to submit a customer read estimate if:

  • You are a small customer (a residential or small business customer, contact us if you are unsure)
  • The bill is based on an estimate (your bill will indicate whether this is the case)
  • You do not use solar power
  • Your electricity is read using an ‘accumulation meter’

Understanding meters

A meter is installed at your property to measure how much electricity or gas is being used. There are several different types of meters available to record and display your usage. Different meters record and display information differently.

  1. Accumulation meters, SOMETIMES CALLED single rate, basic or flat METERS, measure the total amount of electricity that has been consumed by the property since installation. THEY ARE AN OLDER TYPE OF METER THAT ARE NOT CAPABLE OF INDICATING when electricity has been used.
  2. Smart meters are a newer type of meter and have the ability to record when electricity has been used.

Instructions for submitting a ‘Customer Read Estimate’

If you wish to submit your own read to us as a Customer Read Estimate, we need to receive your read before the due date of your bill. There are two ways you can submit a read:

  1. Take a photo of the meter display and send it to us at The meter display needs to be clearly shown. Please state your name, address and the date you took the photo in the email
  2. Call us on 1300 111 211 and tell us your meter read, name, address and the date you took the read

Exceptions where we will not accept and adjust a bill on the basis of your Customer Read Estimate:

  • the photo does not clearly show the display or appears to be tampered with in some way
  • the meter in the photograph is not your meter
  • we have reason to believe that the meter has been tampered with in some way to arrive at that reading
  • we receive it after the due date for payment of the bill

If we do not accept your customer read estimate, you have the right to:

  • make a complaint to us which we will consider in line with our customer complaints and dispute resolution policy
  • request a we review your bill
  • complain or lodge a dispute with the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (for customers in NSW)

Next steps after accepting your Customer Read Estimate

If you satisfy these requirements we will promptly and at no extra charge, provide you with an adjusted bill based on the Customer Read Estimate.