Your choice to go green makes a difference.

By choosing GreenPower, you reduce your environmental impact.

GreenPower, how does it work?

What is GreenPower?
GreenPower accredited renewable energy is electricity that produces no net greenhouse gas emissions.

What are the benefits of GreenPower?
As well as reducing your impact on the environment, by becoming part of the GreenPower community, you will be helping to support Australia’s renewable energy sector. That’s because the bulk of the premiums you pay for GreenPower go directly back to the GreenPower certified electricity generators.

By supporting these generators you will also be helping to create jobs for your fellow Australians and help to support the businesses that supply services to these generators.

How does GreenPower work?
When you choose the Nectr GreenPower plan, you can be sure you are displacing 100% of your household’s electricity usage with certified renewable energy that has zero net greenhouse gas emissions. For every kWh of electricity that you use, 1kWh of certified renewable energy enters the grid.

nectr-renewable Power

Nectr is bound by all of the accreditation requirements and conditions of the National GreenPower Accreditation rules so you can be sure Nectr GreenPower meets stringent environmental standards.

Everything else stays the same

Your energy supply will not change. You will continue to get your electricity from the grid and this clean energy is added to the electricity grid on your behalf. Get started on your journey to renewable energy today! Read our blog on Green Energy or visit the GreenPower website for more information.