Nectr Home Solar and
Battery Solutions

Find out how you can lower your energy bills and protect the environment

Nectr Home Solar and Battery Solutions

Find out how you can lower your energy bills and protect the environment

Deciding on your solar and battery needs

If you’re thinking about adding a battery to your existing solar system or opting for a solar + battery bundle, there are many options available to you. Depending on the stage you are at in your decision making, there are many points you should or have considered and weighed up. The whole process can seem quite complicated and costly.

Top 5 points you might need to consider

can you only afford to have solar panels?

1. Cost

Consider your available budget and whether you will need to finance the purchase or find an option with no upfront payments. Can you only afford solar panels or you looking for a solar and battery system? Will adding solar add to the value of your home?

what savings are you expecting to see on your solar?

2. Return on investment

What savings are you expecting to see? Is your current electricity bill high due to your energy usage? Can you calculate how long the payback period would be?

home solar system setup

3. House structure

Consider your roof and whether there is space for panels, shading or whether it is strong enough. Is there room to install a battery (some batteries need to be housed indoors)

Consider your roof type before buying solar or batteries

4. System

Did you want to start with solar and if so, what are the best and safest panels on the market? Why are some cheaper than others? If choosing a battery, what are the best performing ones and is a battery with 10-year performance warranty worth paying more for?

clean energy council solar installers

5. Installers

There are so many in the market and it’s important to choose a CEC accredited one. How can you tell if the systems they are selling are right for you? The whole process can seem quite complicated and costly.

Depending on the energy solution you choose, our plans include a range of solar panels, battery systems, contract terms and we match the most suitable CEC accredited installer for your needs.

Where are you in your solar journey?

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I have solar

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I don’t have solar

How does solar work?

Adding solar panels to your home can result in savings on your power bills. You will begin using power from your solar panels during the day, rather than from the electricity grid and should see a reduction in your electricity bill overall. Adding solar panels can also increase the value of your property.

Solar checklist.

We’ve created a Solar Checklist to help you at the start of your solar journey:

Payment options

Property checks

Where’s your meter?

What material is my roof?

Panel direction

Are you in a heritage listed area?

Our solar panel options.

Nectr’s Solar + Battery bundle includes a range of leading solar panels based on safety, performance and warranties. Our panel of CEC accredited installers will undertake a site inspection of your roof and will recommend the most suitable option. Nectr’s Energy Consultants will then coordinate the installation of the solar and battery system for you and keep you updated on timelines.

canadian home solar panel

Canadian solar

ja - home solar panel

JA solar

Q_CELLS - home solar panel


Adding a battery.

If you already have solar panels installed or are looking at our solar + battery bundle, Nectr has secured a range of Tier 1 batteries. Our Energy Consultants will help you choose the right battery based on your premises and budget and coordinate the best installer from our panel of CEC accredited installers.


AlphaESS SMILE-BAT 10.1P & 13.3P

All in one solution with hybrid inverter and additional capacity.

LG RESU10 + battery

LG RESU10 + Sungrow Inverter

Powerful solar battery from global leader bundled with Sungrow Inverter.

SENEC.Home V3 - battery

SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid

Innovative, high capacity solar battery with built in inverter.

*Battery included in Nectr Home Solar and Battery bundle