Taking the STING out of ENERGY BILLS

There’s no better time to join the home solar revolution

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Buy Now, Pay Later

With no upfront costs or interest fees, a competitively priced Nectr bundle and the ability to receive a government rebate**, now’s the time to add solar.

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Enjoy energy independence

Join the solar revolution and lose the big energy bills

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Fully installed

Fully installed by a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

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Bundled with a 100% carbon offset electricity plan

Competitive rates with 3 year benefit period*

  1. Electricity plan

We don’t plan to change your energy plan pricing during the 3-year contract term.

The only reason we would be able to vary your electricity prices is where the costs we incur in selling you electricity varies or we expect they will, but only where that cost variation arises from a future Change in Law. Some examples of previous Change in Law events include the introduction of a carbon tax and a new government levy to support ambulance services. We would provide you with advance notice of any variation in your electricity prices.

  1. Solar component

Monthly cost is calculated on total cost of solar system (Nectr does not add fees or mark ups) divided into 36 equal instalments (Buy Now, Pay Later contract).