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Nectr BEEyond

Let Nectr optimise your battery for you and participate in our Virtual Power Plant, knowing that 100% of your stored solar will be put to good use for the VPP when required for grid services.



Why would you sign up to the Nectr BEEyond plan?


Simple up-front quarterly membership fee payment

Up to 800 kWh of electricity usage included per quarter, with an additional 200 kWh provided by Nectr

Purchase energy in advance at wholesale energy costs

Your battery is efficiently monitored and managed at all times.

Simple upfront quarterly membership fee payments

Enjoy the freedom of 1000kWh of usage a quarter in exchange for an upfront membership fee payment. Quarterly membership fees vary per state and network, where you can pay as little as $30 a quarter. Switch your solar and battery to our Nectr BEEyond plan now, and your electricity usage could cost you nothing.

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Nectr BEEyond Plan

Has Nectr made energy bills a thing of the past?

In Nectr’s never-ending quest to help more Australian navigate their energy needs and become even more energy efficient, we have created the Nectr BEEyond plan.

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