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Nectr's Virtual Power Plant

Discover the rewards of 100% carbon neutral energy.

Join Nectr Evolve, our virtual power plant of connected home battery systems. Discover the hidden value of your battery and drive down your electricity bills even further.

Unique energy plans designed specifically for battery owners

Save more with access to ultra-low electricity rates.

Efficient battery optimisation, so you save more and so does the environment.

Benefit from participation in the wholesale electricity market, without the effort.

Unlock your battery’s true potential with Nectr Evolve.

We have created Nectr Evolve – a virtual power plant of home battery systems, connected to provide solar energy to the electricity market (grid) when it’s needed the most. We then share the benefits of your contribution back to you via lower bills and increased return on investment. What's sweeter is our Nectr Evolve energy plans are 100% carbon neutral.

Nectr Evolve simplifies energy for you by optimising the efficiency of your battery and trading unused energy during times of peak demand. Let Nectr do the hard work and simply sit back and enjoy access to some of the most competitive electricity rates available.

Our world-class technology will make sure your battery is efficient and optimised, and manage your contribution to the electricity market, so you don’t have to.

It’s our mission to help Australia transition to a cleaner, greener, more sustainable energy future. By connecting to Nectr Evolve’s smart battery network, you can share in the many benefits of helping Australia’s energy system.

Nectr Evolve VPP Plans

Nectr BEEyond

Nectr BEEyond is our most innovative plan yet, with rates as low as 3.75c per kWh. It’s a simple set-and-forget experience; we will optimise your battery for you, and you can relax, knowing that 100% of your stored solar will be used as efficiently as possible. Get started now by locking in our lowest possible electricity rates with an up-front quarterly membership fee and let us look after the rest.

Nectr Plan BEE

Plan BEE is for those who prefer a more traditional, DIY approach to their batteries. This is the perfect plan for you if you love data and like to closely monitor your household energy usage. You can drive down your energy costs by syncing your appliances with your solar and battery, as well as taking advantage of Nectr's partial smart battery optimisation and enjoy this plan's highly competitive rates.

Nectr Bee
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