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Nectr is now a Tesla Energy Certified Installer.

Step into the Future with Nectr’s Smart Battery Network

Install Tesla Powerwall 2 with Nectr, backed by our 27,000+ installations

Pair the Tesla Powerwall with solar panels to power your home with cleaner energy.

Protect against rising energy costs with a smart renewable investment

Combine your battery finance and energy bill into one payment.

Earn $100 sign up credit, and $20 monthly bill credit.

Nectr and Tesla (Qcells & Tesla eDM) 14/05

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About your propertyWe can install and service solar battery systems up to 150km, from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney CBDs and some areas in Northern Queensland.
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Nectr's Virtual Power Plant

Join Nectr Evolve, our virtual power plant of connected home battery systems and discover the rewards of supporting 100% carbon neutral energy. Plan BEE on Nectr’s Evolve VPP Network enables you to harness the full potential of your solar investment. By connecting your Tesla Powerwall 2 to our advanced VPP, you not only maximize your home’s energy efficiency but also contribute to a greener grid and lower your energy bills.

Reduce your electricity bills further through efficient energy storage and usage.

Easily manage your energy needs with our sophisticated yet user-friendly integration and technology.

Help stabilise the local grid and support renewable energy use across Australia.

Enjoy exclusive monthly credits and competitive rates, adding up to significant yearly savings.

Why choose Nectr?

Why Nectr?

We understand the importance of providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. By offering quality solar and battery solutions, collaborations with leading green lending partners, and competitive, carbon neutral energy plans, Nectr ensures that everyday Australians can access sustainable and affordable energy options.

Why sign up to Plan BEE?

Plan BEE is a VPP energy plan designed specifically for battery owners that would like to try out joining a Virtual Power Plant, with low commitment. You can drive down your energy costs by syncing your appliances with your solar and battery, as well as taking advantage of Nectr’s partial smart battery optimisation and enjoy Plan BEE’s competitive rates and monthly $20 VPP credit. With no lock-in contract or exit fees, it’s the perfect way to start getting more value from your battery investment.

Battery finance with Plenti

Plenti is a leading fintech lender that offers fast and fair financing options. In partnership with Nectr, Plenti makes the Tesla Powerwall 2 more accessible and affordable for Australian households, countering the rising costs in a volatile energy market. Nectr and Plenti’s collaboration allows customers to spread the cost of a Tesla Powerwall 2 over several years. Customers benefit from the convenience of combining their battery finance payments with their energy plan into one simple monthly bill.

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