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  • 07th Feb 2022

Canberrans now have access to 100% cleaner and greener energy 

Nectr is now available in the ACT

The ACT is known for its focus on clean air, renewables and living sustainably. Residents can now switch to a new retailer, Nectr that walks the talk when it comes to offering affordable cleaner plans. Nectr is now available in the ACT.

Canberrans can choose Nectr’s 100% carbon neutral or 100% GreenPower plans - without having to fork out extra for choosing the planet. All of Nectr’s energy plans are carbon offset as part of our business model – and are still more affordable than many non-offset plans in the market.

The ACT energy market is one to be admired. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the ACT government and local energy distributor Evoenergy, have collaborated on a new project where renewable technologies will be introduced into the electricity network via a new grid support project. Essentially, this project will focus on utilising new distributed energy resources (DER) to alleviate network constraints, unlock more network capacity, and most importantly, introduce renewable sources like battery and solar as a technological capability for energy consumers.

When can I access these plans?

You can access these plans now. Consumers in the ACT (along with other states Nectr provides to) will have access to a range of new retail plans from February 7 2022. Nectr is committed to providing affordable energy for all Australians and endeavours to ensure they get the most out of their energy plans. If you’re thinking of making the switch and want to experience better rates and pricing, then you can head to our plans and fees page for more information.

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