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  • 27th Mar 2020

COVID-19 Update for Customers

We understand that COVID-19 continues to have an impact on so many within our community and that we are all changing the way we go about our daily lives by staying home where possible. The world is certainly going through unprecedented changes and disruptions.[

Contacting our team

Here at Nectr, our team continues to remain available to assist you. Our Energy Specialists are available to assist during business hours. The fastest way to speak to them is via email - or by phone 1300 111 211 (9am - 5pm, AEDT, Monday to Friday).

Are you facing financial challenges due to COVID-19?

We understand that COVID-19 is having an impact on so many within our community.

If you are experiencing dramatic changes to your life, such as job loss, or decreased income and different working arrangements, we understand your energy use and the ability to pay your bills may be affected.

You do not need to worry. The Nectr team is here for you.

Our Promise

We assure you that you will continue to have a safe and reliable supply of energy to your home as we support our Nectr community through the pandemic and recovery.

  1. If you are experiencing financial stress, we will work with you to find a payment plan or hardship arrangement that suits your needs. This includes advising you where you can find more information about your eligibility for any government concessions or payment assistance. You can also find a copy of our hardship policy here
  2. We will not disconnect any customer who is in contact with us regarding paying their account
  3. We will work with you to modify payment plans if your circumstances change
  4. If you’re having a difficult time paying and are in contact with us, we will not refer your account for recovery action or credit default listing
  5. We will prioritise the safety of all Nectr customers, especially those who require life support equipment
  6. We will continue to provide you with clear, up-to-date information across our website, social media channels and emails so you can easily access important COVID-19 updates
  7. We also understand that you are most likely changing the way in which you go about your daily life by possibly working from home or staying in. We expect that you might be concerned about using more energy than usual and how this may impact on your household budget. Therefore, we will continue to share information on energy efficiency advice on our blog.
  8. Please also note, that while we do not expect any disruption to your electricity due to COVID-19, we are also working with Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy, Energex , SA Power Networks and our supply partners to remain on top of communications and updates. If your energy supply happens to experience any issues, please contact your energy distribution network directly as they can give you more information on the issue and an estimate of when the problem will be fixed.

As the world currently goes through unprecedented change and disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our priority that you can continue to access the energy you need, and if you have any further questions or need extra support during this time, please contact us.

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