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  • 28th May 2021

Creating an energy-saving checklist for your children

Teaching your children to be more energy conscious around the house is about demonstrating actions that make a difference. Kids love to be involved, feel grown up and be part of making a difference and one way is to create a colourful energy saving checklist as a poster.

In this article we’ve listed a range of steps to help you create a checklist plus we’ve created a template to download and use.

5 Steps to create an energy-saving checklist!

Step 1:

Walk around your home and talk about all the things you can add to your list and why they would be useful for saving energy.

Step 2:

Have one of the children use your phone to take a photo of the appliance

Step 3:

Agree to 3-4 points to add to the checklist per room

Step 4:

Agree to a weekly reward for ticking off as many points on the list as possible (reward examples: movie and popcorn night, etc.)

Step 5:

Note all points per room on the checklist (link to asset) and place on fridge or central area in the house

Ideas on what to include on the checklist:

  • Consider some window coverings for your home, getting your glass treated can keep out heat in the day and improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • This an oldie but a goodie - use a cooling fan to help take the edge off, but remember, fans cool people not rooms. Make sure you turn off the fan when you leave the room.
  • Use you air conditioner efficiently. A set room temperature that is enough to cool the room comfortably will save you a motza in the long run
  • In Spring, check your appliances and service them. Remember, we're pre-planning for summer too.
  • Get rid of those old warm bulbs, they generate too much heat and they don't save a lot fo energy in your home.
  • Don’t leave your computer monitor on when not in use.

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