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  • 03rd Apr 2024

Electrifying your home: Cutting gas to save money and the planet

Thirty million tonnes[1]. That’s the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that would be saved if every Australian gas-powered household flipped the switch and electrified their home. While the environmental benefits are great, the real winners are Aussie households that stand to save thousands of dollars each year by electrifying their homes.

Want to know more? Here’s how to get started.

Switch to electric appliances

When it comes to energy efficiency, electric appliances for hot water, heating, cooling and cooking trump gas every time.[2]

While the initial cost of overhauling existing appliances could be quite daunting for some, the long-term savings of upgrading old gas appliances to more energy efficient electric models outweigh the costs of making the switch.

According to One Big Switch, Australian households that shift to all electric appliances could save up to $9,500 over the life of the appliance.[3] In addition, by simply disconnecting from the gas network, households stand to save $400 per year alone.[4]

Besides the financial incentives, consider the health benefits of going electric. Electric appliances don’t produce fumes or emissions. There is also less chance of hazards such as naked flames, gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks.[5]

Invest in home solar and battery

Once a home has ‘electrified’ its appliances, it makes sense to consider a home solar and battery system. Solar panels capture clean solar power to distribute throughout the home as it is needed. A home battery affords homeowners even greater control over their energy usage by relying less on the energy grid, especially during peak times.

Investing in home solar and battery almost guarantees lower power bills and greater energy reliability for households. Plus, for those with an electric vehicle on their wish list, home solar and battery is forward planning for clean energy requirements of an EV.

Search for rebates and incentive schemes

A recent study[6] reveals that almost 50% of homeowners with a gas connection have considered disconnecting their gas supply.

Today, most states and territories in Australia have programs to help households invest in home solar and battery or upgrade to electric appliances.

There’s never been a better time to make the switch and electrify your home. Home solar and battery bundles are more affordable than ever. To find out how to get started with home solar and battery, contact Nectr for an obligation free quote today.


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