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  • 26th Jun 2024

Are you sitting on a gold mine? Energy-efficient homes are more attractive to buyers

Did you know solar power tops the list as the most sought after energy efficient feature for home buyers? As Australians continue to look for ways to reduce their household's energy bills, it’s properties with solar panels and a battery that are the most attractive to those looking for their next place to call home.

You may not be thinking about selling just yet, or even in the next ten years. What’s interesting for non-solar and battery homeowners to consider is not only the short-term energy savings you’ll make from investing in renewable energy for your home, but also the long-term gains when it comes time to sell.

Research has found:

  • Searches of energy-efficient home features have spiked over the past 12 months. ‘Solar’ has jumped 10%, while Tesla battery’, ‘off-grid’ and ‘EV charger’ search terms have risen by 32%, 34% and 183% respectively.
  • Every 1kW of solar installed can increase the value of a home by $6,000.
  • Energy-efficient homes are attracting up to $125,000 more when it comes time to sell.

What can you do now to protect your investment and build its value?

  • Install solar panels – More than 3.8 million Australian households are using solar power and are reaping the rewards of relying less on the energy grid, particularly during peak periods. With solar being the energy-efficient feature in most demand by home buyers, it’s worth investigating the best solar system to suit your energy habits for short-term savings and to boost to your home’s value.
  • Consider a home battery - If you’re still on the fence about installing a home battery, maybe our customer Brad will sway your decision. After upgrading his solar system and adding a home battery, Brad’s monthly energy bills went from over $550 down to just $48 - a saving of roughly $6,000 a year. As battery technologies progress, prices will come down, making home batteries more affordable for homeowners.
  • Speak with a real estate agent – Reach out to a trusted local agent for a home valuation. Speak with them about whether features such as solar panels and a home battery appeal to the local market and the potential value that energy-efficient features add to your home.
  • Do your research – When you’re ready to sell, there are plenty of real estate sites available to help you search for properties similar to your own. Take note of energy-efficient features included in other property listings and the price guides, to gauge the approximate sale price of your energy-efficient home.

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