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  • 15th Dec 2020

Giving the power to the people

Forget the old ways of home energy consumption.

We are on the verge of an energy power play - and the main contenders are not who you think they are says Managing Director, Andrew Butler. We’ve had a chat to Andrew to understand more about what this means for Aussies.

“As an Entech, the equation we offer customers is simple"

As an 'Entech', Nectr balances affordable green plans, zero upfront residential solar options and cutting-edge technology to form real energy partnerships with customers.

“Traditionally, energy providers have one-way exchanges with their customers; energy consumption is billed and the customer pays. We set out to change the dynamic and provide the customer with a better way to engage - through every step in the energy journey," he says.

Australians have also become more aware of climate change than ever before.

Nectr believes that putting the ‘power’ back in the consumers hands to manage their energy usage and carbon footprint, should be both easy and cost effective. In the not to distant future, the use of solar and battery will mean consumers can manage their own energy consumption across the day, based on peak and off peak periods and even share excess energy with their peers. This is the future of energy partnerships.

“Right now, we only offer a 100% carbon neutral plan or 100% Greenpower plan with competitive rates and we’re calling on this to be a baseline standard for all energy retailers. It's important that our customers can control their carbon footprint, but not have to pay a privilege to do so."

Nectr has also launched its home solar plan in the Ausgrid network distribution area, offering the ideal way for customers get into solar – 7 years of low cost electricity and a high quality solar system. "We are focusing on offering the right products for the future, based on research, innovation and customer needs. It’s good timing, as Australia moves away from fossil fuels towards more sustainable solutions such as solar, wind, hydro and battery storage."

Nectr is focused on technology as the key to bringing this all together for its customers.

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“Nectr is trialling an App with its customers to provide a personalised level of service that will allow customers to review their account, use online chats, refer friends and other features consistent with the leading digital technology available.”

Too often customers are caught in the middle between Energy Retailers, Solar Installers and Finance companies and we’re addressing the challenges by streamlining it within a single relationship with Nectr and our world-leading technology,” continued Andrew.

“In the not too distant future Nectr foresees a world where customers with excess energy from their rooftop solar and home battery systems, can share that energy with their friends and neighbours, concluded Andrew.

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