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  • 25th Oct 2023

Has Nectr made energy bills a thing of the past?

In Nectr’s never-ending quest to help more Australian navigate their energy needs and become even more energy efficient, we have created the Nectr BEEyond plan. 

The Nectr BEEyond plan can completely streamline your electricity bills, and is available to customers who either already have, or are looking to install, a solar battery. By paying a quarterly membership fee, you can get connected to the Nectr Virtual Power Plant and enjoy up to 1,000 kWh of electricity usage priced at 0 cents - each quarter. 

As it becomes harder and harder to stay on top of what seems to be ever-increasing bills, the idea of our membership fee type arrangement is to slowly move away from power bills, which may sounds like a very bright prospect to you. If so, keep reading to discover how Nectr can help.  

Innovative technology altering the energy landscape 

Nectr BEEyond utilises cutting edge VPP technology, and our advanced software and control systems help us to effectively and efficiently manage your battery.   

Using dispatch strategies that optimise your battery’s charging and discharging performance (based on market conditions), Nectr BEEyond can top up your solar battery with power from the grid at times when electricity is cheaper. Then, during peak usage times when power is more expensive, you can access the cheap electricity stored in your battery to power your home and maximise your savings. 

Furthermore, by connecting the home solar batteries of our customers, the Nectr VPP can help support the electricity grid with renewable solar energy, on the occasions when the grid requires additional power. This cleaner, greener, alternative to burning additional fossil fuels, helps to provide more reliable power to your community, while also helping to stabilise the grid and prevent blackouts. So, as a part of Nectr's VPP, it’s good to know that you’re doing your part for the environment and the community – while saving money at the same time.  

Bringing your own battery and going BEEyond 

Before you can jump right into getting connected to the Nectr VPP and taking advantage of the opportunity to go BEEyond the bill - there are certain eligibility requirements your home will need to meet.  

Firstly, you’ll need to have a solar battery with a storage capacity of 10kWh or larger already installed. It also needs to be a brand that’s compatible with Nectr’s VPP. Currently, Nectr is compatible with AlphaESS, Sungrow, Qcells, and Tesla batteries. You'll also need to have a reliable broadband internet connection, and not have anyone living at your premises who requires life support equipment. 

If you’re unsure about the kind (or size) of solar battery you have, you should be able to find the information on a label attached to the battery itself. Or, if you can’t see the label, you can usually find information about your battery in the portal or app that you use to monitor your battery’s storage. 

You can consult the battery manufacturer's website or contact them directly if you're still struggling to find details about your solar battery, and you want to find out for sure. 

Going BEEyond to save sooner 

When you’re ready to streamline your electricity bill with Nectr BEEyond, get in touch with the solar and battery specialists at Nectr. They can confirm that you have the right type of battery and help guide you through the sign-up process to ensure you go BEEyond - and start saving as soon as possible.


*Please refer to eligibility terms and conditions.  

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