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  • 12th Apr 2024

Heading away for the holidays? Try these hacks to save on energy

The school holidays are calling! But before you head away, there are steps you can take to further reduce the energy your home consumes while you’re not there. A few small actions will mean that precious energy isn’t wasted, and you’ll have extra cash to spend on life’s little luxuries. Here are Nectr’s energy saving holiday hacks:

  • Power down and unplug: Some appliances still draw power when they’re not in use or in standby mode, which can account for around 10% of your household energy use. Turn off appliances and devices such as washing machines, desktop computers, toasters and televisions at the power point before your holiday.
  • Automated lighting: Homes with security systems can often use an App to remotely turn lights on and off in the house if you’re away, giving the impression that someone is home and deterring would-be burglars. Another option is connecting timers to a light or lamp within the house and programming it to turn on for a specified period in the evening. Specifying a time period that the light remains on limits the energy use while still providing the element of security for your home.
  • Fully stocked fridge: For many, emptying the fridge as much as possible before we head out for holidays ranks at the top of our ‘to do’ list. But having a fully stocked fridge could actually help you save on energy costs. A full fridge can be more energy efficient than an empty fridge with the contents inside the fridge maintaining the overall cool temperature. If you have a second fridge or a dedicated drinks fridge, consider cleaning it out, transferring the goods to just one fridge and turning the second fridge off while you’re on your vacay. Of course, don’t go overboard on filling your fridge and freezer and avoid leaving perishable items if you’re going away for an extended stay.
  • Join a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) network: For those with a solar and battery system system, your solar and battery system will continue to soak up the sun’s energy and fill your home battery with precious energy, even while you’re away. While you’re on holidays and not consuming the energy, connecting to a VPP network, such as that offered by Nectr, will allow extra energy to be fed back into the energy grid – and earn you money! By connecting your home’s solar batteries to a VPP network, you can help support the electricity grid with renewable solar energy, on the occasions when the grid requires additional power. This helps provide more reliable power to the community, while also helping to stabilise the grid and saving you money.

If you want to join the many Australians that enjoy energy abundance with a home solar and battery system, check out Nectr’s Solar, and Solar+Battery bundles that offer no up-front costs, monthly interest-free instalments, fixed electricity rates for the life of the contract, and top-rated solar systems.

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