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  • 10th Mar 2021

How to avoid water wastage in your home

Water… it’s an absolute necessity for our everyday lives. It is impossible to survive without water; however, it is a part of our life that at some stage or another we have all taken it for granted.

By making small changes to your water usage and more importantly your hot water usage, not only will you be saving water, you’ll be reducing your energy bill down at the same time.

Take a look below at how you can easily reduce your water usage!

How to avoid water wastage in your bathroom

Everyone loves a good sing song in the shower, however, those extra few minutes add up and can make your energy bill more costly. Spend less time in your shower, try and aim for less than four minutes. If you find it hard to get the kids showered in under four minutes, maybe invest in a shower timer and make a game out of shower time to get them more excited about saving water.

You can also look into getting a low flow showerhead, which will reduce the amount of water used. By switching to a three-star rated showerhead you can cut your hot water usage by about 40%.

If you are waiting for hot water to heat up, don’t waste the cold water left running, collect it and use it later to maybe water any of your plants in the garden. By letting the water run while it’s heating up you could waste as much as 10 litres of water per minute!

How to avoid water wastage in your kitchen


Try and avoid leaving water running when washing dishes by hand, try and fill your basin up to wash your dishes and rinse them off, this works well if you have room for two basins, one with soapy water and the other with rinsing water. This eliminates you keeping your tap running while rinsing your dishes and wasting water.

Fill your dishwasher up until it is full, cause if you run half loads it doubles your water usage, waiting until it is full is the best way to maximise your water efficiency.

How to avoid water wastage when washing your laundry

Avoid wasting hot water and only run your washing machine on a full load (just like your dishwasher). Did you know you can still make your clothes smell fresh and be sparkling clean with a cold-water wash? By doing a cold water wash you can save energy by not heating up the water for your laundry. You can buy specific detergents for cold water washes that will have your clothes looking and feeling better. Cold water washes also minimise the shrinking and colour fading of clothes.

How to avoid water wastage when using appliances


If you need to replace an appliance such as your washing machine or dishwasher, be sure to be mindful when choosing its replacement. Try and go for the energy efficient model, the higher the star rating the more efficient the appliance will be. Even though the upfront cost may be higher, in the long run it will save you money over its lifetime.

By using less water you are actually reducing energy usage, heating water is an energy intensive process, and by reducing your water usage overall you are also saving money on your electricity bills, which is an added bonus!

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