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  • 28th Apr 2023

Everything you need to know about connecting utilities at your new address

You may have seen in our recent blog that there are important service providers to be aware of when moving into a new home. In this article, we’ll elaborate more on how to organise your main utility providers, such as gas, electricity, and water.

Nectr’s utility checklist 

We’ve compiled a short checklist to help ensure you tick off all the main utility providers.

  1. Contact your energy retailer(s) to arrange electricity and gas* connections and/or disconnections (check to see if your new property has electricity only or also has gas* as you may need to find a supplier for each utility). Ensure that you discuss any potential connection and disconnection fees with them. Nectr can provide free standard electricity connection when you move^.
  2. If you live in a share home and you’re the main account holder, then make sure you transfer the accounts over to an occupant who is remaining – before you leave! Do not assume this will automatically happen when you leave the house, because you could still be responsible for any bills they incur.
  3. Make sure to record meter readings at your new property, so your provider can note this and provide a more accurate bill. You can learn how to conduct a self-meter read here.
  4. Your water supply should already be connected. To arrange billing at the new address, call the water supplier applicable to your area/region/state.
  5. If you are moving interstate, we recommend reading up on the retail rates and regulations in the new state, as they will differ.

Utility provider FAQs 

If you’re moving to a new home, you will need to connect your electricity and gas or at least ensure these accounts are in your name. In most cases, the utility will still be ‘connected’ and working at your new property, but this is dependent on the time the property is vacant between occupants and the state/distributor regulations.

You may receive a “Dear Occupier” letter from the previous owner/tenant's utility provider inviting you to also sign up to them. You can choose to do so or elect to find another provider.

When you contact your chosen provider to arrange a connection (and this can be completed via an online sign up, telephone call or email), you may be asked the following questions.

  • Is this property a new or existing connection?
  • By what date do you require your new connection?
  • Do you need to arrange a disconnection from your current or previous property?
  • Is there clear and safe access to the electric and gas meter(s) at the property proposed?
  • Is there a dog on the property?

We recommend connecting your utilities in advance to avoid any delays and last-minute stress. The more notice the better. If you’d like to find out more about organising your move, then have a read of Nectr’s Ultimate Guide to Moving Home.

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