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  • 05th Jun 2022

Nectr’s commitment to sustainability this World Environment Day

Nectr is proud to be a part of World Environment Day, June 5th, 2022. Learn how to get involved, and make a difference!

Hosted by Sweden and led by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), this year marks the 50th anniversary of the biggest international day for the environment. The theme is “Only One Earth” and represents the focus on living sustainably in harmony with nature.

With over 150 countries participating, the UN encourages governments, businesses, schools, and local communities to raise awareness for environmental action in our everyday lives. As part of the pledge to achieve carbon neutrality and enforce a cleaner and greener future, Nectr is doing its part to ensure renewables are the focus of Australia’s energy demand.

How can you get involved?

Through the power of social media World Environment Day organisers are encouraging everyone to take part in the “Earth Action Numbers” initiative, this involves three easy steps:

  1. Decide the action you want to share and write your post as two points that start with a number. For Example: 60 bags of rubbish collected, 30 primary schools students involved.
  2. Help them put your action on the world map:
    Go to World Environment Day Global Action, log your action and get a downloadable social media card you can share with your followers.
  3. Take a photo or record a short video showing the earth action you are taking:
    Post it to your social channel and use the hashtags #OnlyOneEarth & #WorldEnvironmentDay. Make sure to tag @UNEP and @nectr as well!

What is Nectr doing to implement change?

0% Interest-Free Solar & Solar + Battery plans

As you may have seen, volatility in the wholesale electricity market has forced some of our competitors to advise their customers to look elsewhere, but here at Nectr, we are committed to finding new ways to deliver more affordable energy solutions for everyone. For Aussie homeowners, Solar and household battery options can now be a path to less reliance on the energy grid and will protect them from large price increases. This includes a range of solar and battery products that are bundled with electricity plans on 3, or 5-year fixed benefit periods for the states of NSW, QLD and SA.

To find out more about our equal monthly instalment plans, you can click here.

Our Solar Farm Projects

Nectr and its parent company, Hanwha Energy Australia are in the process of developing two solar farms as part of our focus on creating sustainable energy. Upon their completion, these solar farms will produce enough energy to power up to 65,000 homes, firmly cementing our stance on using renewable energy sources to supply our customers.

We currently have two solar farms at advanced stages of development. The larger of the two is our Jindera Solar Farm, which will produce 120 megawatts of power at its peak capacity. The project is around 520 hectares in size will use roughly 300,000 solar panels.

The second project we’re developing is Gregadoo Solar Farm, which will have 43 megawatts of power at its peak capacity. That project is 150 hectares in size and will use approximately 80,000 panels.

Follow our journey!

If you'd like to learn more about Nectr and want to stay in the loop with us, you can follow our journey on Meta (Facebook) and Instagram where we have regular industry updates, tips and promotions that we share.

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