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  • Media Release
  • 24th Jun 2024

Nectr and Tesla join forces to deliver more energy saving solutions for customers

Innovative new Nectr Evolve unlocks full capacity of home solar and battery systems

Australian solar, battery, and energy specialists, Nectr has joined with leading home battery manufacturer, Tesla to deliver premium home energy storage solutions and innovative new plans to help lower household power bills, secure reliable power, and support Australia’s move to Net Zero.

Tesla’s Powerwall2, is now part of the suite of home batteries offered as part of Nectr’s solar and battery bundles, confirming Nectr as a one-stop-shop for competitive and popular energy storage solutions.

In addition, Nectr has now launched Nectr Evolve, a virtual power plant (VPP) that represents the next evolution of clean, green, and sustainable energy solutions for Australian homeowners. Nectr Evolve is an ecosystem of multiple solar and battery systems across various homes on Nectr’s VPP plans, to create a network that can efficiently store, and distribute renewable energy. It also optimises the efficiency of home batteries and trades unused energy during times of peak demand to contribute to a more stable and cleaner grid system.

Coupling Nectr Evolve’s VPP plans – Nectr BEEyond and Nectr Plan BEE – with compatible home batteries[1], owners can benefit from more affordable energy and support Australia’s energy network. With a broader suite of home batteries available under Nectr Evolve, homeowners have greater flexibility to choose a system that suits their storage needs.

Nectr BEEyond – A ‘set-and-forget’ VPP plan that offers ultra-low energy rates as low as 3.0c per kWh[2], with a simple quarterly membership fee unlocking grid-supplied usage up to 1000kWh/quarter. In exchange for unbeatable quarterly energy rates, customers grant Nectr access to their unused, stored energy when it’s needed, ensuring precious energy is never wasted. 

Nectr Plan BEE – A VPP plan for those who prefer to monitor and analyse their energy consumption and battery system’s performance, offers competitive rates, $100 sign-up credit[3] and $20 per month VPP bill credit, with no lock-in contract or exit fees.

Tae Hong Kim, Managing Director at Nectr says that adding Powerwall2 to Nectr’s solar battery lineup gives customers more choice in the technology they rely on to store energy at their home.

“Powerwall2 is a popular solar battery choice for many Australians, and we’re pleased to now include this in our suite of home battery offerings. Thanks to Nectr’s team of Tesla Certified Installers with experience in installing over 27,000 residential systems nationwide, our customers can benefit from in-depth and knowledgeable advice about the best hardware and financing options to maximise their solar and battery systems.

“With Nectr, Australian homeowners have access to a wide array of high-quality solar and battery products such as Tesla’s Powerwall2, financing options and choices of VPP plans for existing or new battery systems. Now that Australia’s most popular battery storage brand is on board with Nectr, we aim to help more homeowners understand how VPP technologies, such as Nectr Evolve, can make energy more affordable and contribute to the nation’s broader shift to renewable energy,” said Tae Hong Kim.

With Nectr Evolve VPP plans, Nectr aims to support customers with Tesla Powerwall2 or other eligible home batteries to optimise self-consumption of solar-generated energy and contribution to the grid to support Australia’s transition to Net Zero.

“For customers that join Nectr Evolve, their solar and battery system and stored solar energy will be supporting Australia’s renewable energy transition. A win for households and a win for the planet,” Tae Hong Kim added.

With a home battery, homeowners can unlock even greater savings, reduce their fossil fuel usage, and get the peace of mind that comes with backup electricity in the event of a power outage.

Using the Nectr app, customers can also connect their solar and Tesla Powerwall2 battery system to monitor energy production, usage, and energy stores in real-time, review VPP contribution and billing information all in one place.

[1]AlphaESS, Enphase, Sungrow, Qcells, SolarEdge, Tesla

[2]For Energex residents excluding quarterly membership fee and Daily Supply Charge.

[3] Terms and Conditions apply

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