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  • 29th Sep 2023

It’s game on for Nectr

We’re proud to announce that Nectr will be major partners of the PenrithPanthers for their 2024 and 2025 NRL seasons!  

Nectr team visited the Panthers this week for a bee-autiful photo to celebrate our partnership -  with our Nectr bee, Panthers Coach Ivan Cleary,  Nectr Brand and Communications Manager Louisa Sumagui, and Panthers Rugby CEO Matt Cameron.

Nectr and the Penrith Panthers share many synergies and passions. In fact, just like Nectr, the Panthers are keen greenies when it comes to doing their bit for the planet and saving energy! Supported by Nectr’s team of experts, more than 200 solar panels have been installed on the Penrith Panthers’ Rugby League Academy building, which use the sun to power the entire building and help drive down Panthers’ yearly energy bill.

With many homeowners across Panthers’ heartland of Western Sydney looking for ways to reduce their energy bill, Nectr is pleased that our 2024/5 season partnership with a NRL team like the Panthers can help spread the word about the benefits of home solar and battery.

Nectr extends Panthers partnership, Official Announcement: 

Penrith Panthers is pleased to announce that Nectr has extended its major partnership with the club for a further two seasons.  The new deal will see the Nectr logo visible on the back of the NRL playing shorts, across signage assets at BlueBet Stadium and integrated within the Panthers Digital Network.

Nectr branding has featured on the Panthers playing shorts this season and are proud to continue the partnership, Nectr offers competitive energy plans, plus home solar and solar + battery bundles for Australian households across NSW, VIC, ACT, SA and SE QLD.

With cost-of-living pressures on the minds of many Australians, Nectr offers an energy alternative that is driven by a commitment to clean up energy and focuses on providing affordable energy offers to more Australians.

“We’re incredibly proud to continue our partnership with the Penrith Panthers,” Nectr Brand and Communications Manager Louisa Sumagui said. “They’re a club that shares our vision of a cleaner, greener future with Nectr backed solar panels powering their Rugby League Academy building. The Panthers’ dedication to its fans and community aligns with Nectr’s values and mission to clean up energy to make it affordable and more accessible for everyone for a better future. Congratulations to the Penrith Panthers for a sensational performance in 2023. We’re very excited for another incredible season in the year ahead.”

“We look forward to working closely with Nectr over the next two years as they provide our corporate partners, members and fans with some market-leading deals, with a focus on clean and affordable energy,” Panthers Rugby CEO Matt Cameron said. 

“The Panthers partnership with Nectr has thrived thanks to our shared values of teamwork, innovation, delivering exceptional results, and a commitment to our community.”

Over 42,000 customers around Australia have joined Nectr.

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About Hanwha Energy Australia

Founded in 2018 to disrupt the Australian energy sector by delivering a clean energy future through brilliantly simple solutions that empower Australian consumers to connect to renewable energy. Hanwha Energy Australia is developing technology platforms and 100% renewable energy assets that will empower Australians to take control of their energy future. Hanwha Energy Australia is backed by Hanwha Energy Corporation, which is affiliated with the Hanwha Group, one of top 7 conglomerates in Korea.

About Nectr

Nectr is Hanwha Energy Australia’s energy retailer, and is committed to delivering affordable, cleaner, greener energy solutions for Australians. Nectr offers Solar, Battery and Solar + Battery systems, all bundled with competitive energy plans with no upfront costs or interest fees and Clean Energy Council certified installation. Established in 2019, Nectr has disrupted the Australian energy industry, offering 100% carbon-neutral energy plans as standard – and challenging other retailers to do the same.

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