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  • 11th Feb 2022

Nectr is proud to be acknowledged as a top green electricity provider.

In addition to this, Greenpeace’s Green Electricity Guide has ranked Nectr 8th out of a list of 48 independent Australian electricity retailers for its active support of household solar, investment in renewable energy and offer of 100% renewable energy plans as a standard. (Not bad at all for a young energy provider!)

To be recognised in this year's Green Electricity Guide is a testament to Nectr’s commitment to sustainability. Our greener energy offerings are not only affordable, they also allow Aussies to make a real difference when it comes to climate action.

What criteria was used to determine our rating?

Six main selection criteria points were used by the electricity guide to determine our four-star rating. This included:

  • Ability to provide clean, renewable energy
  • Ending dirty coal use by 2030
  • Halting fossil fuel expansion
  • Support for new renewable energy
  • Transparency in marketing
  • Avoiding pollution and environmental harm

How is the Green Electricity Guide assessed?

This guide is an independent assessment of Australia’s electricity retailers, conducted by Greenpeace Australia Pacific. The overall importance of this guide is that it not only shows consumers how the energy market is shaping out to be in 2022, but it also shows them which energy providers are committing to the future of renewable energy.

How serious are we about our energy transition?

Nectr and its parent company, Hanwha Energy Australia are in the process of developing two solar farms as part of our focus on creating sustainable energy. Upon their completion, these solar farms will produce enough energy to power up to 65,000 homes, firmly cementing our stance on using renewable energy sources to supply our customers.

We currently have two solar farms at advanced stages of development. The larger of the two is our Jindera Solar Farm, which will produce 120 megawatts of power at its peak capacity. The project is around 520 hectares in size will use roughly 300,000 solar panels.

The second project we’re developing is Gregadoo Solar Farm, which will have 43 megawatts of power at its peak capacity. That project is 150 hectares in size and will use approximately 80,000 panels.

How can I make a positive change today?

We have a range of affordable and renewable solar buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) plans, ranging from our standalone solar plans to our solar and battery add-ons. If you’d like to learn more about how you can become more energy empowered with Nectr

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