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  • Energy Efficiency
  • 31st Mar 2021

Get expert guidance on how to ensure a secure and hazard-free home

Electricity is part of our everyday lives, powering our appliances and not giving it much thought, so it is easy to forget the dangers of electricity if used incorrectly.

For instance in the home, we depend on electricity to provide us with heating in winter, cooling in summer, light at night, charging devices and even to keep the telly on for our entertainment. However, did you know that most electrical accidents happen within the home?

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Electrical appliances

Our homes are filled with many appliances, and really, we couldn’t go a day without most of them, however, you should be taking precautions to avoid the risk of electrocution in the home. In order to avoid this, it’s super important that you inspect your appliances regularly for any damage. Always ensure that your appliances are switched off before you give them a clean. Most importantly, switch off your appliances when they are not in use!

Power boards and extension leads

To ensure you are being safe with electricity cords, you should be careful how you use your power points and power boards within the home.  An important rule is to not overload your power points by ‘’piggy backing’’ plugs in just one socket by doubling up on your adapters. Please keep in mind that power boards have a maximum capacity.

Water and electricity

Two things that most definitely should never mix, it may sound obvious, however accidents continue to happen. It is so important that you never use electrical appliances around water as it is a major safety hazard. Keep electrical appliances away from the bath and sink, and always ensure you switch off appliances such as hair dryers and shavers after use.


It may seem like the simplest thing in terms of electrical safety, but always ensure that a light is switched off before replacing the bulb. It’s important to know what kind of bulb to use, if you use the incorrect one, it can lead to the bulb overheating.


It is essential to keep electrical appliances in the best of shape, however, if you do come across an issue, no matter how big or small, always get an electrical worker to fix these issues as they are specifically trained to deal with these situations.

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