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  • Solar and Battery
  • 02nd Sep 2022

Essential steps for a transition to cleaner and cost-effective energy.

Preparing your home for solar battery installation is a step towards creating a truly energy-efficient and independent home. Battery storage provides a multitude of benefits, using your own excess energy from your rooftop solar, reducing your reliance on the grid in expensive peak periods, saving money on energy bills, and having a failsafe option during any potential grid outages.

To enjoy the benefits of a solar battery sooner, here are some considerations when seeking a quote and preparing your home for installation:

Battery location

Depending on the size of your home and the current solar system’s capacity, a specialist will recommend the ideal battery size, output, and location. Accordingly, your solar battery specialist will help you determine a safe and clear place around your home to accommodate this battery. Generally, this means locating it in the garage away from direct sunlight to ensure the battery doesn’t get heated and can operate within the optimal temperature range specified on the battery. 

Knowing whether to install the battery indoors or outdoors is dependent on the battery you choose, as some models can only be installed inside, and where you live. If you live near the sea or in areas that have high rainfall, are prone to flooding, or even have hot temperatures, it’s recommended the battery is installed inside your house. In this case, the battery will need to be situated away from other appliances and in low foot traffic areas. Many batteries can be safely located outside your house if you don’t have a garage. Your solar specialist will help you identify the best place.

Install solar with battery storage in mind

For many homeowners, installing a solar system with a battery can mean a large financial commitment. If you are opting for solar panel installation ahead of battery installation, then we recommend letting your installer know that you are considering a solar battery in the future - during the quoting process. They can then recommend the best battery product suitable for your solar system and will consider this during their installation. This means when you decide to connect a battery storage system to your solar it should be compatible with the set up.

Understand your usage 

Understanding your energy habits and the appliances that use the most energy in your home is helpful information for your solar specialist in designing your system. Part of the smart design coming from a battery system is its ability to ensure power is allocated to appliances that need it the most. For example, if your battery needs to kick in at night, you can allocate your battery to power your hot water system, oven, and washing machine. This design can also be important in the event of an outage where it can be allocated to crucial appliances. 

Incentives and rebates

There are current rebates and incentives available for eligible homeowners across our states and territories. Each state determines its own eligibility criteria and funding costs which can be viewed here – “Rebates and Incentives

Nectr also offers a 0% interest-free monthly instalments option for customers interested in a solar battery. Instead of paying for it outright, you can own a battery storage system by paying equal monthly instalments interest-free over a 5-year payback period.

You can get in contact with one of our Nectr Solar specialists today by requesting a callback. Our experts will help you tailor the best solar package available to suit your home’s needs.

Ready to install a solar battery storage system?

You can talk to one of our solar experts about how to future-proof your home with one of our solar battery products. Click the button below to get a quick quote!

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