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  • 27th May 2024

Protecting our black and golden-winged warriors

At Nectr, we’re all about using new energy solutions to support a healthier planet. That’s why we’re bee-yond excited that solar energy is behind a project designed to improve bee populations.

Why are bees important?

  • Food security:  The food we eat, and the feed produced for farm animals are all supported by bee communities. Thanks to pollination by our black and golden-winged warriors, crop quality and quantity are boosted, benefiting farmers, animals, and consumers.
  • Biodiversity: Around 2,000 species of native bees call Australia home. Bees are among the most common pollinators and as they pick up and spread pollen many plants and food crops are able to reproduce. Bees are behind many high-quality foods and products, the obvious being honey, but also others such as beeswax that can be used to produce candles, lip balms, creams and conditioners.
  • Healthy Eco-Systems: Bees help to support plant diversity which helps to build soil, purify air and water and maintain healthy eco-systems.

What can we do to support bee communities?

  • Consider planting bee-friendly plants: Bees are particularly attracted to blue or purple coloured plants and flowers.
  • Avoid pesticides: Look for natural ways to protect your plants to protect bees that visit your garden.
  • Buy local honey: Support local beekeepers and bee production by buying local.

Solar power helping to grow bee populations

In 2022 Hanwha created the Solar Beehive. The hive is powered by solar energy and leaves no carbon footprint. The hive protects bees from changes in the climate including extreme weather conditions, by controlling the internal environment to maintain optimum temperature and humidity.

The results? After 40,000 bees entered the Solar Beehive in 2022, some 100,000 bees were recorded to inhabit the solar-powered, climate-sensitive hive after just two months.

Learn more about the Solar Beehive here:


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