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  • Solar and Battery
  • 02nd Sep 2022

What are the benefits of a solar battery?

When you use your own stored energy from your solar battery, you don’t need to buy the energy from the grid which comes at a cost. Effectively, this means that the excess stored energy in the battery by your solar panels is free and can be used for future consumption.

Batteries improve energy security

Solar batteries improve your energy availability by making your home more energy robust. A solar battery can power important components of your home during off-peak periods, or when energy availability from the grid becomes unreliable.

No noise pollution

The advantage of having a battery storage system in your home is the peace of mind knowing that it will not produce noise pollution. A battery can run efficiently in an appropriate area of your home (typically the garage) without disrupting your neighbours and other common areas.

Improves your property value

There are various independent real estate reports that suggest that a property with solar and battery increases your property's value. In addition, renters were also willing to pay more if they were going to rent a property with solar, or solar and battery, as this would help them reduce their energy consumption and lower their electricity bills.

Join a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

When you have stored excess energy in your solar battery you have the option to sell it to the VPP during peak demand periods for a higher price than what you would pay for consuming from the grid directly netting you a small profit. Learn more about what a Virtual Power Plant is here.

Solar battery rebates and incentives

Additionally, individual states and territories in Australia offer their own rebates and incentives to those who want to install solar energy and battery storage. Depending on where you live and your current situation, we can help qualify you with available rebates and incentives. We recommend taking advantage of these incentives as some of them could be phased out in the future.

Battery finance options

Nectr also offers a 0% interest-free monthly instalment option for customers interested in a solar battery. (This includes no interest fees or charges.) Depending on the size of your home and your solar system's current output, a battery with an appropriate capacity will be recommended to you for installation. You can view our Battery AddOn options here.

Ready to install a solar battery storage system?

You can talk to one of our solar experts about how to future-proof your home with one of our solar battery products. Click the button below to get a quick quote! 

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