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  • 16th Jan 2023

What solar batteries does Nectr offer?

For homeowners with an existing home solar system, choosing to add a battery is the next logical step towards even bigger savings and towards becoming more energy independent.  

To ensure that you're armed with the right information, we’ve outlined a range of potentially suitable battery options for your home, as well as an outline of what each battery storage system has to offer. 

Nectr’s battery storage options

Nectr currently offers solar battery storage systems from four, internationally regarded, top-tier manufacturers - each with a variety of storage capacities, price levels, warranties, and design specifications.  

We have created a summary of each of our available system manufacturers that can help you in making your solar battery selection.  


Tesla Powerwall 2 boasts a compact and simple design, making it perfect for residential use. Its scalability means you can install up to 10 Powerwalls, providing a capacity range from 14kWh to an impressive 140kWh.


AlphaESS solar batteries offer a more budget-friendly, residential energy storage solution. Through their innovative solar battery systems, available with storage capacities ranging between 3 kWh and 20 kWh, AlphaESS are able to cater to a range of energy needs


The Q.HOME CORE is where design meets function. This all-in-one energy storage solution’s sleek and compact design is great for indoors, but because it has been built to withstand the harsh Australian climate, means that it’s equally ideal for outdoors. With an extended 15-year warranty, and powered by Samsung’s SDi technology, Qcells batteries offer a versatile range of storage capacities, from 6.8 kWH to 20.5 kWh.


The SolarEdge Home batteries are the ideal addition for anyone who already has a SolarEdge power optimiser installed as part of their home solar system. SolarEdge batteries are elegant and modular, with a minimum storage capacity of 9.7 kWh, which can be extended up to 29.1 kWh. 


Sungrow’s high-voltage lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries offer a great range of energy storage solutions for Australian homes. Their LFP batteries provide you with a storage capacity between 9.6 kWh and 25.6 kWh, allowing you to efficiently store your solar power to use when you need it most.

Solar battery inverters

The solar batteries available through Nectr, are all accompanied by a solar battery inverter. Inverters convert the direct current (DC) power stored in your battery, into the conventional alternating current (AC) electricity that is required to power your television, toaster, laptop, lights, and other electrical appliances all throughout your home.

0% interest-free monthly instalments

When you request a call-back from one of Nectr’s solar specialists, they will speak with you to learn about your household’s energy usage. They also help you to determine the best solar battery solution for your home, and walk you through how you can take advantage of our amazing 0% interest-free, monthly repayments.  

Instead of having to pay the total cost of your battery up front, Nectr offers equal monthly instalments, without any interest fees or charges.

Ready to install a solar battery storage system?

When you're thinking about solar battery options, get in touch with Nectr. Our solar experts will provide you with a tailored-made solution that can help future-proof your home.

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