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  • Media Release
  • 02nd Jun 2022

What's happening in the whoIesaIe energy market?

Nectr receives unprecedented sign-up interest as volatile energy market causes customer and industry uncertainty

Nectr would like to thank the many Australians who have contacted us recently about our greener, cleaner energy plans.

In the past 24 hours, skyrocketing wholesale electricity prices have forced many retailers to ask their customers to choose another supplier. As a result, Nectr experienced an unprecedented influx of new customers wanting to sign up to our competitive electricity plans.

Managing Director Andrew Butler said, “We feel for those customers who are facing large price increases from their existing provider and we have tried to help as many new customers join Nectr as possible, but our existing customers must come first and in order to protect them from price increases, we have temporarily placed a hold on accepting new customers for our electricity plans."

In the meantime, we are encouraging Australians to seriously begin considering solar for their homes to save money and reduce the reliance on the electricity grid.

As an energy business with on an eye on ensuring a renewable future, Nectr also offers a range of solar and battery products - bundled with electricity plans including 3- or 5-year fixed benefit periods. We have just launched new BNPL (buy now pay later) options in NSW, QLD and SA, which are very competitive.

Nectr entered the market to clean up energy to make it better for everyone. The current volatility of the energy market makes the path to renewable energy so much clearer and never more essential.

While some of our competitors may be advising their customers to look elsewhere, at Nectr we are committed to finding new ways to deliver more affordable energy solutions for our customers. For Australian homeowners, Solar and household battery options can be a path to less reliance on the energy grid.

In the first six months of 2022, Nectr has experienced strong growth. The word has spread fast about our award-winning competitive rates, and our commitment to cleaner, greener energy solutions for Australians.

Behind the scenes, we are backed by Hanwha Energy a global leader in renewable energy solutions.

Andrew Butler, Managing Director, Nectr

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