Why choose a
SENEC battery?

SENEC means German reliability and peace of mind

SENEC is a pioneer and market leader in solar battery storage, with more than 12 years’ experience. German designed and made, their award winning systems use the highest quality componentry, meaning higher performance and reliability in the long term. Exactly what you want when it comes to investing in your home.

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German designed and made

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Market leading performance

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Award winning battery

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Best product warranty

Solar industry’s best warranty

SENEC batteries are engineered for 12,000 recharging cycles – one of the highest capacities available. They are so sure of the reliance and performance that they are now extending their 10 year warranty up to 20 years for Nectr customers only. SENEC offers the best value for money when you consider the upfront cost versus the long warranty and highest amount of recharging cycles.

Technical Specifications

System Capacity


Battery dimension

53 x 117.5 x 40.6

Product Warranty


  Indoor installation

  Floor installation

SENEC.Home V3 Hybrid

German designed and made unit. Award winning, high capacity solar battery and built-in inverter.

Standard System Cost

$188/month (5 years)

price includes GST

Government incentives not included in the Standard Cost of Battery System

Why adding a SENEC battery to your solar systems makes sense

More than 3 million Australians already know the benefits of installing solar panels on their house. For many, the next logical step is to add a battery but this can mean weighing up the upfront costs of a battery system against expected future savings and benefits.

The Nectr Battery AddOn plan offers you:

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Buy now pay later

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Choice of Tier 1 battery options

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CEC Approved Installer managed by Nectr

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100% carbon offset energy plan

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Monthly $10 VPP bill credit

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Product warranties

Ready to learn more?

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