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Basic Plan Information in the Energex Distribution Network

We offer a number of different great value plans in the Energex Distribution Network. Our Basic Plan Information Documents are listed below or to view plans available for all networks you can go to our plans and fees page. Get a quote today and see how Nectr compares.

Nectr Standing Offer

Nectr Standing Offer + Controlled Load 1

Nectr Standing Offer + Controlled Load 2

Nectr 100% Clean

Nectr 100% Clean + CL1

Nectr 100% Clean + CL2

Nectr 100% Clean TOU

Nectr 100% Clean TOU + CL1

Nectr 100% Clean TOU + CL2

Nectr 100% Clean Solar

Nectr 100% Clean Solar + CL1

Nectr 100% Clean Solar + CL2

Nectr 100% Clean Solar TOU

Nectr 100% Clean Solar TOU + CL1

Nectr 100% Clean Solar TOU + CL2

Nectr Super Solar

Nectr Super Solar + CL1

Nectr Super Solar + CL2

Nectr Super Solar TOU

Nectr Super Solar TOU + CL1

Nectr Super Solar TOU + CL2

Nectr GreenPower

Nectr GreenPower + CL 1

Nectr GreenPower + CL 2

A Basic Plan Information Document (BPID) is available upon request. A BPID is an information sheet that contains all the key details of a plan. Please contact Customer Care for more information.

Our fees

On occasion, Nectr will be charged by your Local Network Service Provider (Energex Energy) or Metering Provider for maintaining the service and supply of energy to your home. These fees may relate to additional services requested by you or required in order to maintain the safety and compliance of your electricity connection. In the event that these charges are incurred, they will be passed on to you on your next electricity bill. Common fees can be found below. We will attempt to advise you of any relevant fee in advance of completing the service works.

Transaction Fees

Service Fees

A more complete list of fees can be found on Energex Energy website or call us for more information.

1 July 2021 rate update

Nectr varied its standing offer tariffs and charges and the variation came into effect on 1 July 2021.

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