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Solar energy feed-in tariff

Competitive solar feed-in tariffs help to make your solar experience better and more cost effective.

Use the solar power you generate at home

When you install solar, you’ll most likely have a net meter. Net metering allows solar customers to earn money for the extra energy that your panels generate.

However, rather than exporting the electricity your panels generate, you’re generally better off using the solar power yourself – and our solar monitoring tools can help you do that.

Benefits of net metering:

  • The excess solar power you generate is exported to the grid, and in return, you’ll receive solar credits.
  • With the Nectr app, you can see how much solar power you’re sending to the grid.
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Get solar energy insights with the Nectr app

Nectr solar customers can track their energy and solar power performance with the Nectr app and our online tools.

Since the solar energy generated by the sun is free, it’s generally better to use it yourself, rather than paying for energy from the grid. The Nectr app can help you manage this better.

With Nectr’s solar monitoring app, you can see:

  • How much solar you’ve exported into the grid, in half hourly and daily time increments.
  • When you’re not using any energy from the grid, but utilising the solar energy you’ve generated instead.

These insights will help you use your solar panels to your advantage, making the best savings possible.

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Residential home solar

Once you have a residential solar system installed, you’ll need to understand what solar feed-in tariffs are. We’ve created a quick guide that breaks down what a solar feed-in tariff is, and how they work. In addition, we also discuss how you can pay off your solar panels sooner.

What are the benefits of solar energy

How solar works

Adding solar panels to your home can result in huge savings on your power bills. By using power from your solar panels during the day, you should see a steep reduction in your overall electricity bill.

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