Terms and Conditions

Battery AddOn and System Bundle VPP Credit

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Terms and conditions

Eligible customers of Nectr’s Home Battery AddOn and Nectr Bee System Bundle will receive a conditional discount of a monthly VPP Bill Credit during the contract period.

The discount recognises your participation in our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program, which aims to connect your battery system with others around Australia to enable the operation of an aggregated, cloud-based virtual power plant.

By participating in our VPP program you agree that we can remotely manage your battery system to draw on the energy you have stored in your battery and provide it to the grid in times of increased demand.

To be eligible for this plan:

  • You must own the premises where the battery system is installed
  • You must already have a battery system installed, or install a battery system through one of our approved suppliers
  • You must have a fully functioning solar system that is compatible with the battery system and exports at least 2MWh of electricity a year
  • You must have a reliable broadband internet connection at the premises with an internet modem, a spare ethernet portal, and WIFI connectivity
  • You must have a smart electricity meter on the premises
  • You must meet our credit assessment
  • You must be, and continue to be, a Nectr electricity customer on a compatible plan
  • No one on your premises can be dependent on lifesaving or life support equipment

The terms and conditions below apply to the VPP Bill Credit.

  1. Participation in Nectr’s VPP program is only open to eligible Nectr Home Battery AddOn and Nectr Bee System bundle customers whose premises are located within the Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy, Essential Energy, SA Power, Energex,Evoenergy, CitiPower, Jemena, Powercor, Ausnet and United network areas.
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, the Ausgrid Network Distributor areas can be found here. The Endeavour Energy Network Distributor areas can be found here. The Essential Energy network distributor areas can be found here. The SA Power network distributor areas can be found here. The Energex network distributor areas can be found here. The Evoenergy network distributor areas can be found here. The CitiPower network distributor areas can be found here. The Jemena network distributor can be found here. The Powercor network distributor areas can be found here. The Ausnet network distributor areas can be found here and the United Energy network distributor can be found here.
  3. This offer starts on 31 October 2023 and ends on 30 June 2024 (offer period). You must be accepted for our VPP program during the Offer Period, to qualify for the VPP Bill Credit.
  4. If you qualify for the VPP Bill Credit then provided you remain eligible, the VPP Bill Credit will apply for a 5-year period. During that period, the Promoter will apply a (GST inclusive) credit each month towards the charges on your Nectr electricity bills.
  5. If the credit for a month exceeds the net charges on your electricity bill for that month, the unused credit will not carry forward to the next bill.
  6. The credit cannot be taken by you as cash.
  7. The credit will be in addition to any other credit or offer we may provide to you from time to time.
  8. There is a limit of one (1) monthly bill credit per premises.
  9. The VPP Bill credit is not transferable/exchangeable and is subject to these Virtual Power Plant Terms and Conditions. It may be varied from time to time in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. If you end your contract early, you will no longer receive the VPP Bill Credit unless you transfer to another plan with similar requirements.
  10. You must:
    • comply with all legal requirements that apply in connection with these terms and conditions, your solar system and your battery system;
    • promptly notify us if you identify a fault or problem with your battery system or solar system, or you intend to modify either system;
    • promptly notify us if either system is or will be fully or partly unavailable for use at any time;
    • ensure that any work on either system is done by a Clean Energy Council accredited installer; and
    • take reasonable steps to maintain the amount of sunlight to your solar system.
  11. We may suspend your monthly bill credit if you materially fail to comply with certain of your obligations under the VPP Contract. Your monthly bill credit will resume after you comply with those obligations to our reasonable satisfaction.
  12. We, and any third-party providers that we engage, may remotely access and control your solar system and battery system, including to:
    • monitor the performance of these systems;
    • set the operating mode of your battery system;
    • draw electricity to your battery from your solar system or the national electricity grid;
    • maintain the energy stored in your battery so we can discharge it at some future time;
    • discharge electricity from your battery to the national electricity grid
    • discharge electricity from your battery for your energy usage at your premises;
    • bid into the frequency control ancillary service market to help stabilise the electricity grid; and
    • provide network services for electricity network companies.
  13. Nectr may vary this offer from time to time, or terminate the offer early, by updating Nectr’s website.
  14. This offer is made by Hanwha Energy Retail Australia Pty Ltd trading as Nectr ABN 82 630 397 214 and Nectr Distributed Energy Pty Ltd ABN 48 638 767 272.
  15. This updated version of these terms and conditions is dated – 31 October 2023.
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