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Power your business without costing the earth

Are you searching for cost-effective green energy solutions for your business? Nectr has a range of long-term and short-term options available to meet your needs.

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Produce your own green power with our commercial solar & battery

Join the growing number of Australians leading the charge to a cleaner energy future by directly powering your operations with an onsite solar and/or battery system.

Our experienced team of professionals can take care of the entire process, from choosing the best system to fit your needs, arranging installation and ongoing monitoring of your system. We will provide competitive rates for all aspects and work with you to deliver a customised solution that will achieve long term cost savings for your business.

You can also use the power of technology to maximise the potential earnings from the battery system by joining our Virtual Power Plant, which is a cloud-based network optimising interaction with the energy market.

Our investments in solar farms

Source your energy from our solar farm

Join the growing number of Australian companies leading the transition to green energy and lower carbon emissions through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

A PPA will ensure your energy is supplied by a large-scale renewable generation project in your state. Typically, it requires a long-term commitment of 5-10 years.

The benefits to your company include:

Lower prices

Ability to negotiate an electricity price below your existing rates in exchange for a longer contract term. Currently, wind and solar are the cheapest forms of new electricity generation, and a PPA gives you direct access to these.

Price certainty

Lock in an electricity price for the long term and simplify your planning and budgeting. You can also decrease exposure to electricity price changes for the length of your agreement.

Achieve sustainability

Elect to have all or part of your electricity needs supplied from renewable generation. This will support your corporate responsibility goals and underpin your credibility in reducing your business’ environmental impact.

Know the source of your energy

By taking out a PPA, your business is directly supporting a specific renewable project, often located in regional areas. These projects not only provide clean power for the state, but also support the local communities.

Our awards keep growing thanks to you!

Our awards highlight our commitment to offer customers an easy way to take climate action, reduce individual household energy costs and environmental impact.

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Our business energy plans provide competitive pricing for your electricity and environmental requirements. Ask us about contract options for any period of 6 months or more.

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