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Feeling the sting of reduced Feed in Tariffs?

Are you fed up of power outages and dwindling Feed in Tariffs? Take control of your home’s energy demands with the addition of a battery to your solar system. It’s a simple yet efficient way to optimise your solar power and safeguard the future of your energy bills. Plus, having a home battery can support critical appliances during those pesky power outages.

If you have been buzzing to add a battery to your home, now is the time to act. Experience the benefits of a premium home battery, with our exclusive Qcells battery offer and our tailor-made Plan BEE energy plan, for a limited time only.

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To get your exclusive Nectr and Qcells offer now, we just need a few more details:

Optimise your solar power and future proof your energy bills

Use the energy stored in your home battery to run essentials during a power outage

Avoid peak rates by using your own energy after dark with a solar battery

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What can you expect?

After you’ve submitted your proposal request, expect a call from your solar and battery specialist.

During the call, we’ll dive into your electricity usage patterns and requirements to determine the ideal home battery size for your energy needs.

Plus, we’ll provide further information on our Plan BEE energy plan and Qcells home battery offer.

Should you require it, we provide financing options over a 3 to 6-year term. This enables you to start reaping the benefits of a home battery system, sooner rather than later.

Once we have all of your information, we then provide you with a personalised, obligation-free proposal.

It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring you get the best solution tailored to your needs.

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