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  • 10th Aug 2022

Nectr named finaIist for best rated eIectricity brand category of the Finder RetaiI Awards

By Mariam Gabaji, senior writer for Utilities at Finder Awards

Smaller energy companies tend to get overshadowed by the bigger players. However, Nectr has come in swinging as one the best of the best after it was named a finalist in the 2021/2022 Finder Awards in both NSW and Queensland.

What are the Finder Awards?  

The Finder Awards recognise and celebrate Australian brands across 200+ categories (including energy), with Australian customers given the reins for choosing their faves.

Finder worked with leading data, insights and consulting company, dynata, to conduct nearly 20,000 surveys and get real customer feedback around product purchasing and level of satisfaction with those products.

Finalist for best rated electricity brands in NSW and QLD

Nectr’s proven that good things can happen for a brand if you know what the sweet spot is for consumers. With energy, that’s offering cheap prices, great customer service and solar options.

It scored a 4 out of 5 and above in all of the categories Aussies were asked to rate including customer service, ease of sign up, environmental sustainability and value for money.

This deserves Nectr more than just a pat on the back. Energy can be a complicated beast, and having a retailer do justice to those it signs up is no small feat.

Congratulations Nectr on establishing yourself as a go to energy retailer for fair prices, and for giving customers the opportunity to support renewable energy.

Mariam Gabaji is a senior writer for Finder, specialising in energy, mobile and Internet plans. She has over 10 years of experience across both print and digital. Mariam's worked as editor of Lifehacker Australia, senior commissioning editor at Culture Trip in London and sports editor at The Express Tribune, a national newspaper in Pakistan. She has a Bachelor Honours degree in Broadcasting & Journalism from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Malaysia.

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