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  • Media Release
  • 11th Jul 2024

Low-cost green loans kick-start solar and battery uptake for Nectr customers

Nectr’s partnership with Plenti makes home solar and battery more affordable for Australians

To help Australian homeowners fast-track their plans to cheaper, cleaner energy solutions, Australian solar and battery specialists Nectr have joined with #1-rated personal lender Plenti to offer customers affordable finance options to shift to home solar and battery.

With over $4b funded to date in Australia, Plenti is a provider of interest-bearing renewable energy loans for consumers in Australia, offering zero-interest payment plans and green loans. The Australian Government, through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), as the inaugural financier for investment through its landmark $1 billion Household Energy Upgrades Fund (HEUF).

Plenti will receive up to $60 million in low-cost, long-term funding, making access to solar batteries and other eligible energy-efficient equipment more affordable with exclusive low-interest rates for the green loan customers.

Tae Hong Kim, Managing Director at Nectr says that Plenti’s green loan options with HEUF will give Nectr customers and partner installers and solar and battery manufacturers, premium access to clean energy solutions to drive a more sustainable future for everyone.

“Offering Plenti finance options with Nectr’s solar and battery deals and high-performance solar battery options gives Nectr customers access to low-finance to install solar and battery to kick start their savings sooner.

“Thanks to our partnership with Plenti, Nectr customers that purchase solar and battery systems with a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) plan can secure one of the most competitive finance options available in the market today,” said Tae Hong Kim.

Through Plenti accredited partners and installers, Nectr customers can benefit from:

  • Up to 2.24% p.a. rate discount on green loans for the purchase of an eligible solar battery system.
  • Up to 2.74% p.a. discount off Plenti’s standard green loan rate for the purchase of solar PV, home batteries and other energy efficiency upgrades;
  • A further 0.60% p.a. discount off Plenti’s standard green loan rate if the customer signs up to a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) such as Nectr Evolve, via Plenti’s point-of-sale platform, GreenConnect and; 
  • Access to loan terms of up to 15 years, 5 years longer than is typically available, to better align the repayment period with the life of the equipment purchased and to make loan repayments more affordable. 

Nectr customers that purchase solar and battery hardware with a Plenti green loan and join the Nectr Evolve VPP Plan via the GreenConnect platform, can benefit from rates as low as 6.65% per annum. Compared to a standard green loan rate of 9.49%, Plenti’s exclusive rate is welcome news for many Australians keen to shift to renewable energy.

“Solar energy is clean and green, and home battery storage maximises the way energy is used throughout the home and shared to the energy grid. Nectr is excited to partner with Plenti to give our customers access to industry-leading finance options to install solar and battery and start saving sooner,” said Tae Hong Kim.

Nectr offers solar and battery deals with a suite of high-performance solar battery options available.

For eligible green loan purchase on GreenConnect with 3~9 year loan term.

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