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Solar panels

Looking to take control of electricity consumption to save?
Nectr offers 100% carbon off-set electricity plan, locked-in* for 3 years with a range of product options!

There’s no better time to join the solar revolution

Enjoy energy independence with a locked in electricity plan*

Fully installed by a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

Bundled with a 100% carbon offset electricity plan

Our flexible solar solutions

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Going solar is one of the best investments in Australia. Join over 3.5million Aussies who have already installed solar systems for their homes!

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Engineered in Germany, meticulously quality-tested, and awarded for their outstanding performance, these panels come with an industry-leading 25-year warranty, offering the ultimate reliability and durability even in the face of extreme conditions.

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As a Tier-1 solar module manufacturer, Risen offers a variety of options with reliable performance for your budget. Risen panels are certified as corrosion resistant making them suitable for installation anywhere in Australia.

For both solar and battery systems, we offer a variety of inverter brands to fit your budget and needs.

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GoodWe inverters offer great value and reliable power generation for your home solar system. They guarantee efficiency and durability, making them an ideal choice to maximize your home's solar potential.

  • 26kWh per day - Approximate power production
  • Fixed monthly payment - All upkeep and maintenance included for 3 years
  • 100% System Performance Guarantee - You’ll be credited for any days your system is not working properly^
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The SolarEdge DC-AC PV inverter is specifically designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimisers. If you are considering adding a battery to SolarEdge solar system, you may want to also explore SolarEdge battery options.

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Sungrow provides comprehensive portfolio of both PV and hybrid (battery-ready) inverters. If you are planning to add a battery system, please inquire about Sungrow inverter and battery options.


Which option is right for you?

Our solar sales consultants can help you choose the correct system size based on your energy usage and assist with the solar panel options.

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Maximise your solar savings with a battery

If you already have solar panels installed or are looking at our solar + battery bundle options, Nectr has secured a range of leading home batteries.

What are the benefits of solar energy

How solar works

Adding solar panels to your home can result in savings on your power bills. By using power from your solar panels during the day you should see a steep reduction in your electricity bill overall.

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Important information

Electricity rates
Network Area Daily Supply Charge (cents/day) General Usage Rate (cents/kWh) TOU Usage Rate (cents/kWh) Controlled Load 1 (cents/kWh) Controlled Load 2 (cents/kWh) Solar Feed-in-Tariff (cents/kWh GST exempt)
Ausgrid Flat: 94.60
TOU: 103.40
29.91 Peak: 58.30
Shoulder: 27.50
Off Peak: 16.50
17.04 17.04 4.40
Endeavour Flat: 96.80
TOU: 116.60
30.25 Peak: 52.25
Off Peak: 24.09
20.64 20.64 4.40
Essential Flat: 166.10
TOU: 170.50
32.29 Peak: 43.12
Shoulder: 38.50
Off Peak: 24.31
19.91 19.91 4.40
Energex Flat: 104.50
TOU: 95.70
26.86 Peak: 35.20
Shoulder: 27.50
Off Peak: 19.80
20.90 20.90 3.85
SA Power Networks 115.50 35.45 Peak: 39.71
Shoulder: 25.41
Off Peak: 28.82
20.24 20.24 1.98
Evoenergy 97.90 27.72 Peak: 37.40
Shoulder: 27.50
Off Peak: 18.70
17.60 17.60 4.40
Jemena 115.77 23.22 Peak: 29.67
Off Peak: 18.23
17.61 n/a 5.20
CitiPower 116.23 21.70 Peak: 30.21
Off Peak: 17.35
15.66 n/a 5.20
United Energy 107.53 23.27 Peak: 32.51
Off Peak: 18.31
16.31 n/a 5.20
PowerCor 131.02 23.33 Peak: 32.68
Off Peak: 18.55
16.56 n/a 5.20
AusNet 129.94 28.93 Peak: 40.81
Off Peak: 19.65
19.62 n/a 5.20
  • You must meet our eligibility criteria
  • Your premises is located in an area that Nectr services
  • You have secured any local council, home loan lender and other third-party approvals required for a solar system to be installed
Eligibility criteria
  • Must own the premises where the system is being installed
  • Premises must be suitable to install a solar system
  • Must have an available, continuous and reliable broadband internet connection at the premises with an internet modem, a spare ethernet portal and WIFI connectivity
  • No one on your premises can be dependent on life support
*Pricing conditions
  1. Electricity plan

We don’t plan to change your energy plan pricing during the three-year contract term.

The only reason we would be able to vary your electricity prices, is where the costs we incur in selling you electricity varies or we expect they will, but only where that cost variation arises from a future Change in Law. Some examples of previous Change in Law events include the introduction of a carbon tax and a new government levy to support ambulance services. We would provide you with advance notice of any variation in your electricity prices.

  1. Solar component

Monthly cost is calculated on total cost of solar and battery (Nectr does not add fees or mark ups) divided into 36 equal installments.

Early exit fees

If you decide to exit the Solar system contract early, you must pay the remainder of the system balance. Please note, the System Price decreases uniformly each month before reaching $0 on the day your contract ends at 3 years.

If you decide to exit the solar system contract, you can still continue with the associated energy plan. However you can also switch to another retailer at this point with no exit fees.

Some reasons for early exit include:

  • You sell or vacate your premise
  • You fail to pay three bills by their due date in any 12-month period
  • You fail to meet eligibility criteria of contracts during the contract period
Key fees

Nectr Plan Fees & Rates are set by your Local Energy Network Distributor and charged to Nectr on your behalf. You can review all the key fees in our Plans and fees page.

Key information documents

Product Disclosure Statement

Market Retail Contract

Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy

Basic Plan Information Document (BPID) is available upon request. A BPID is an information sheet that contains all the key details of a plan. Please contact our team for more information.

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